200th Post CBI Celebration in the Form of a 70’s Custom Van Pictorial

June 24, 2016 in American / General Discussion / Home Garage Build

For our 200th published post, we wanted to do something a little special and out of the ordinary. We thought what could be better than a post featuring 70’s customized vans? Rather than follow one from start to finish during a restoration, behold 55 pictures on the following page of an assortment of custom rigs with air-brushed unicorns, wizards, warlocks and crashing wave scenarios. From the factory, these rigs were a virtual blank canvas for the imaginations of the era’s psychedelic artists and craftsmen, and now looking back at them they surely represented that time period with flying colors, not to mention shag carpeting, bubble windows, CB radios, louvers, captain chairs and of course, beds. Water beds if were so inclined. And if the f*#k truck has a name, all the better.
So, that’s it folks for the rest of the weekend, enjoy the pictures and keep on truckin‘! Don’t come a knockin’ if the trucks a rockin‘. (Raises hands above head, drops mike and walks off stage)…


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VIDEO: One Car Do It All

June 23, 2016 in General Discussion / German / Home Garage Build / Race Car / Video

Here is a great video about one man’s quest to have one car that can do it all: one that he can pack up and drive to the track, race and then drive home in, and enjoy for recreational weekend driving. We often ask ourselves what the ultimate car would be that could achieve the same goals, and frequently come up with an answer which is freakishly close to what Jack Olsen has done here. In this case the car is “Black Beauty”, a ’72 Porsche 911 built up with RSR bodywork, a ’95 993 engine and a host of other go fast goodies picked from other model years. We don’t want to give away any more, so we hope you enjoy the video as much as we did…



Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo Build

June 22, 2016 in Build In Progress / Italian / Modification Thread / Video

CBI team member Tom has jumped in to assist with a few interesting tales that he thought our readers would enjoy, and who are we to argue with him when he has a penchant for Lambo builds? Since his first previous story on the Diablo the other day, this Gallardo twin turbo caught his eye, too. What this Lamborghini-Talk.com thread is lacking in specific build information, it makes up for with great pictures and the obligatory dyno-pull video with shop workers walking by plugging their ears. Hey, we just noticed it…while Ferrari guys “chat” on-line, Lamborghini guys “talk”, apparently. What that means, we have no idea.
Without further ado, please follow along on the following page for a plethora of glorious undressed Lamborghini photos of the car as it gets more horsepower thrown at it during a forced fed induction modification build thread, wrapped up and summarized for your viewing pleasure on the following page. We like where this is going already…


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1978 Alfa Romeo Niki Lauda Edition Spider Restoration

June 21, 2016 in Italian / Restoration Shop

This 1978 Alfa Romeo Niki Lauda Edition Spider was the subject of a full nut and bolt restoration by Custom Classics in Chicago, Illinois. It has been parked on our back burner to feature here for a while, so we couldn’t think of a better time than now to release it’s parking brake with the combination of RUSH’s recent debut and Alfa’s promise to come back our U.S. shores finally again. Alfa convertibles are always a favorite of ours, regardless of their vintage and even despite the fact that the shop’s website did not provide any information at all about this particular car. They did, however, include an extensive set of pictures that tell enough of the story for us to work with, so continue reading with us on the following page for it’s full feature…


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WEEKEND QUICK OUT TAKE: Vintage Lancia Factory Photos

June 20, 2016 in Build In Progress / Factory Photos / Italian

While we are at it, how about a few vintage Lancia factory photos and one Bertone thrown in too? What is it about viewing vintage factory photos of cars during their manufacturing process that is so interesting for us car guys? We always look at all of the parts and the bare shells and think about the endless possibilities of upgraded parts that would magically take the place of the stock parts if that fantasy even been able to become a reality. In any case, there is also something that is just flat out enjoyable about looking at the vintage build process, staring at the pictures and wondering which, if any of them still remain on the road today…


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WEEKEND QUICK OUT TAKE: Mercedes Benz SLR Production Line

June 16, 2016 in Build In Progress / English / Factory Photos / Factory Tour / German

Here are a few pictures we found of the Mercedes Benz SLR production line at the McLaren Technology Center in Woking, Surrey, England.  These were sold from 2003 to 2010, with several different versions throughout the years. Although we cannot find any information on the subject now, we recall reading about a conflict between Ron Dennis and McLaren, as he was not being let the freedom to design a mid engine car as he had envisioned it. Mercedes had in mind a modern interpretation of the front engine 1955 300 SLR racing car, which lead them to a compromise in his eyes. Could this have perhaps been the project to have possibly provoked him to spearhead his own production sports car with 100% complete control over his ultimate vision, the MP4-12C? If so, we have Mercedes Benz to thank for the P1, too…


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Ferrari Cutaway Drawings

June 13, 2016 in Cutaway Drawings / Ferrari cutaway pictorial / General Discussion / Race Car

We would like to introduce you to a new segment here at CarBuildIndex.com, titled Cutaway Drawings. Please find our first installment featuring Ferrari as the marque on the following page, including everything from street to race cars from Ferrari’s early years all the way to modern day. Each picture has been labeled, so if you scroll over each of them you will be able to see their titles on the bottom left of your computer screen. We put them in chronological order so the road cars could be viewed with the race cars of the same era. We hope you enjoy it and watch out for an upcoming Part 2 to this post featuring a more comprehensive viewing of Ferrari’s Formula 1 cars throughout their glorious competitive history. Until then…

1947 125 Sport


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Fully Functional Ferrari 312PB Model “Toy” Car by 360Trev

June 10, 2016 in Home Garage Build / Italian / Video

Let us take a moment out of our regular schedule and present to you this video of possibly the coolest “toy” we have ever seen, one which was certainly not built intended for a ham fisted child to smash up and slobber all over. This one was built more intended for an adult to slobber all over. But before we go changing our name to ToyCarBuildIndex.com, perhaps we should redefine the term “toy” which has so haphazardly been applied here, and rightfully so. This scaled down Ferrari 312 PB was created and completed entirely by one person from start to finish over the duration of 15 years, and has a working flat 12 cylinder engine with 24 valves and dry sump lubrication system, just like the real race car, which actually drives the rear wheels. That means that the manual transmission actually works and it even has a reverse gear. Our mouths drop wide open every time we watch this video, which we have been ogling for years now. We felt it was finally time for us to be mature adults and share our video with our viewer friends, as well so please enjoy but please please be careful with it.

Find 360Trev’s Ferrari Challenge Stradale paddle shift to 6 speed manual modification build thread HERE, which is equally as impressive, but in full size.


English Wheel Used During a Ferrari 250 GTO Restoration?…

June 9, 2016 in General Discussion / Italian / Race Car / Restoration Shop

This 250 GTO, VIN 3527 was the subject of a “conservation” (although it looks like a nut and bolt restoration to us) by the U.K. Ferrari experts at Moto Technique, LTD. The whole process is very well documented on their website, linked at the bottom of this page. It is so well documented, in fact, that one controversial picture in particular has raised 2 separate but equally as interesting coinciding discussions on Ferrarichat.com…

Vintage Dealership Photos

June 8, 2016 in American / General Discussion / Uncategorized / Vintage Dealership Photos

With your help, we would like to develop a new category that features vintage dealership photos to expand further upon what we have attached here. Although we always enjoy seeing pictures of recently restored vintage cars, nothing beats seeing old pictures of them when they were still brand new and sitting on the showroom floor. It’s amazing that the dreadful tradition of haggling over the price of a car is still commonplace in our society, a practice that everybody hates to do and yet it unbelievably still exists to this day. In any case, please enjoy the few photos we actually have gathered up so far on the following page and if you have something interesting to include, please put a link to it in the “Comments” section below, or e-mail them to us [email protected] for us to update here. Help us make this into a new category filled with showroom shots of all types of vehicles from all different time periods. Until then, enjoy the 70+ photos on the following page…

1968 Chevrolet Camaro T/A Custom Build From Sweden

June 7, 2016 in American / Engine Swap / Home Garage Build / Modification Thread

This sinister looking 1968 Chevy Camaro T/A is the subject of a build thread on Pro-touring.com by it’s owner, forum member “Openers” in Sweden.
The thread-in-progress walks you through the thought process of the project car owner’s decision-making. We like his philosophy that “if you need turbos, NOS or superchargers, you’ve built too small of an engine from the beginning”. Obviously this is a guy who likes honking big American V8 muscle, in this case a 407 cubic inch engine with All Pro cylinder heads and titanium valves.

1955 Chevy Gasser Build Project

June 6, 2016 in American / Engine Swap / Home Garage Build / Modification Thread / Sympathetic Restoration / Video

This 1955 Chevy “Gasser” is the subject of a build thread on pirate4x4.com by it’s owner, forum member “Chopperman”, linked at the bottom of this page. It is a true 3 generation family project, as he has his son and dad assisting in the build too. The thread is packed with photos and videos that keep it interesting and entertaining, making it a quick read. He originally built this Chevy with his father in the early 1980’s while he was still in high school, and raced it every possible Wednesday and Saturday night. The current plan this time around was to make it a Gasser without cutting up the original stock body work, with the exception being fabrication of a front sub frame. We always appreciate a build that remains largely modified in-period, but certain exceptions are always acceptable. In the case here, the modifications were not targeting any specific time period, but it does look largely from a vintage era, which we much prefer over most resto-mods that garnish over-sized chrome bling wheels. Ultimately, final decisions always come down to personal preference, but with this particular project, overall we are liking what we see.


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1968 Dodge Charger R/T Restoration

June 3, 2016 in American / Home Garage Build

This 1968 Dodge Charger R/T has undergone a full nut and bolt rotisserie restoration, including a color change. It’s build is posted at www.forbbodiesonly.com by it’s owner/restorer who goes by the name “ChargerMoneyPit”. With a user name like that, we may not need to point out that this project took a bit more cash than than he had originally anticipated. Hey, we are just happy this car was saved from some horrendous General Lee livery, as so many of these unfortunately meet their untimely early demise. Let’s have a moment of silence as we pour Jack Daniels on the ground and pay our respects for those fallen soldiers who have…


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BAC Mono Formula 3 Car for the Street Build

June 2, 2016 in American / Build In Progress / English / Factory Photos / Race Car / Video

Where shall we start with this story? How about from the beginning…we happened to see this car randomly in Malibu a few mornings ago on the street in person. It was doing a wildly wide 180 degree turn off of Pacific Coast Highway, a move that only a car with extremely limited suspension travel and equally as short of a turning radius would do, and then it went ripping up the hill set before it. The rest of the day our jaws were dropped open until we were finally able to research it a bit further to calm our child-like curiosity. It all happened so quick that we weren’t able to immediately identify it as a BAC Mono until we remembered a recent Chris Harris//Drive video which featured one (shown on the following page), then it all started coming together…

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2004 mini Cooper S CCTCC Race Car Build‏

May 31, 2016 in English / German / Modification Thread / Race Car

This 2004 Mini Cooper S JCW R53 is the subject of a race car build on bimmerforums.com. It’s owner, forum member “jpropane” (Alain) documented the build of his Mini with the intention of racing it, once completed, in the Castrol Canadian Touring Car Challenge and the Targa Newfoundland. His team started by acquiring the wreck of a Mini Cooper S that had been destroyed in the previous year’s 2008 Targa Newfoundland. Upon first inspection to us, the only parts in the photos that appear salvageable are the steering wheel and possibly a door handle, but they were somehow able to also re-use most of it’s braking system, the front knuckles, all of the electrical system, the steering column, the dash, the engine and transmission, one headlight, one front control arm, power steering pump, the electrical fan, heat shields and a couple of bolts. Definitely more than initially meets the eye, and probably one of the many reasons why we aren’t the heads of any racing teams.

Porsche Boxster BSR Race Car Build by Patrick Motorsports

May 27, 2016 in German / Modification Thread / Race Car

This Porsche 986 Boxster BSR racer was the project build of Patrick Motorsports in Phoenix Arizona, who has been in business for over 23 years specializing in creating Porsche street and track machines. The car featured here was built to compete in the single-marque Boxster Series Racing in the PCA (Porsche Club of America) & the POC (Porsche Owners Club), where all of the cars are mechanically equally matched against each other as a true competition to test a driver’s skill rather than any possible equipment advantage. The SCCA, NASA, & HSR have also adopted the 2.5L Boxster racer into their series with some slight rule changes and amendments. These little Porsche’s can be scene as direct descendants of the original 550 Spyders from the 1950’s, which were legendary light-weight factory racers. Any silly myth that had been floating around of the Boxster not being a true man’s car should hopefully be fully dispelled by now. If not, we strongly recommend continuing this read for a further enlightenment. …


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