Ferrari F40 LM/GTE Restoration of Epic Proportions

Here is an epic tale of the restoration and continuing evolution of Ferrari F40 serial number 84326, as told by it’s owner Tim on The thread is linked at the bottom of this page, although you need to be a member of their site to view the pictures. Therefore, we have attached 98% of them here for you, along with a brief synopsis of some of the work that is going on in the current, on-going 66 page (and counting) thread. Thus far, we have never attached so many pictures to any other of our features here but we found it very difficult to pass over any of them. Each one is filled with such amazing detailed craftsmanship that we would only feel like we were cheating our audience if the majority of them were not attached.
For once we do not find any complaints or suggestions as to how we would have gone about anything differently. As mere mortals ourselves, the best that we could do is gawk at the glorious photos in awe and make crude grunting noises of approval. Follow along with us in pure F40 bliss below…

The thread started in January 2013 with a car that had been raced in the BPR in 1996 but had been sitting in a damp barn unused for the previous 8 years. Although it is not one of the original Michelotto cars, Ferrari expert Mike Sheehan labels it as an LM/GTE as it is 1 of 27 cars that started as road cars that were converted by privateers into race cars.
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With 720 BHP on tap running twin KKK turbos and twin waste gates, it’s claimed to have lapped Hockenheim quicker than a McLaren F1 GTR.

32 55It was time for this one to get completely disassembled and rebuilt, piece by piece in London by expert craftsmen to a better-than-new configuration that is an updated and continuing evolution of the original race car.103 123 129 147

They stripped it down to almost a bare shell with the aim to upgrade everything along the way except for the engine, which is being rebuilt but it’s configuration left as-raced.

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Michelotto, who normally is very resistant to release information, much less any actual parts, were very helpful in agreeing to supply brakes, hubs, and suspension pieces. Normally they do not assist unless the subject car was one of their own ex race cars, so they were very lucky to have them cooperating on this particular project.

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When the F40 was originally built, they had such a very thin layer of paint applied to their carbon fiber skins that the texture was able to be seen through their paint. Hey, the less paint, the less weight but not all of their first owners saw it that way and many had to be repainted by the factory to please them. On this particular race car, they decided to skip the arduous, time consuming process and paint it a deep and gorgeous 300/12 Rosso Corsa.

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Although they claim that they are not over-restoring this car, their amazing attention to detail everywhere is evident in the photos. The cars were never this perfect from the factory, so we wonder if this car is not actually better-than-new flawless, then what could possibly make them happy?

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As the car is being completed, we will let the final pictures speak for themselves below. View all 359 attached photos in our gallery on the right, and the 66 page thread in detail linked below.
For now we will remain quiet for the remaining moments of this feature out of pure respect for this glorious build thread that can be seen on
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