Ferrari P4/P5 Competizione Build

Here at CarBuildIndex, we are easily infatuated by street legal race cars. Show us the build of a car that can win some races and still legally wear a license plate at the same time and we get giddy like school children on a sugar rush. Sometimes we even clap. In the good ‘ol days, it was much more common for a race car to be capable of being driven to the track, raced in an international competition such as Sebring or LeMans (if either of those just so happened to be your local track), and then driven home. Today such a proposal would be preposterous, although there is always an exception to the rule. This time that rule was graciously broken by Jim Glickenhaus for the sole intention of being able to do just that…have a modern, street driven race car that was just dicing it up with the big boys in 24 hour endurance competition and then drive it in stop and go traffic to run a few errands around town mere moments or days later. And this is how he did it…


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First, he took a 2009 Ferrari Scuderia street car and registered it with “P 45 C” plates to hold it’s marker in history. Then he proceeded to skin the perfectly good exotic for use of it’s chassis and VIN, and most importantly it’s license plates. His team then dismantled an F430 GT2 American Le Mans Series race car for pilferage of it’s drivetrain. See where we are going with this?

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They then built a tube framed chassis around the street car and had Pininfarina create a carbon fiber body to wrap it all in a pretty package to create what came to be known as P4/P5 Competizione. After all, he had already had the original P4/P5 built around an Enzo chassis and 12 cylinder engine, so it was time for the competition version.

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The full transformation/creation is outlined on in an on-going 324 page-and-counting thread that details the build, linked at the bottom of the page. We have included the majority of the build pictures to enjoy here in case you are not a member of their site.

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Once completed, they were able to achieve a blistering qualifying lap time of 6:51 at the 2012 Nürburgring, they won their EXP-1 class and finished 12th overall in the 24 hour race. All win. And because why? Because race car. That’s why. In this particular case, because street legal race car. To put that into perspective, a McLaren P1 just lapped the same track in an outrageously quick 6:47, but that car has 916 horsepower, over 400 more than the P4/P5 Competizione. Both are road legal, but only one is qualified to race in international competition. Guess which one? That’s right, race car.

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Now this animal is back in it’s New York owner’s home town and freely roaming the public streets after finishing two 24 Hours of Nürburgring races and capturing an FIA world championship title, no less. We would call that a successful venture.

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We often bitch and moan in our rants here about how in our modern times now it is unheard of to be able to take your street sports car, drive it to the local track, race it and then drive it home like they used to back in the day but that is exactly what this car was created to do, except for on a much grander world wide scale.

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While this build thread story is not categorized as news for most gear heads who most likely already know all about this epic venture, we still felt it was just too obvious not to include here seeing that we are a build site, after all. We wonder what could possibly be in store next with any possible plans using the LaFerrari? In any case, it is always entertaining to see a Ferrari race car getting hacked up and gutted and rebuilt into another Ferrari race car. In fact, we would like to see it happen more often…

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Until then, find the full thread on here at:

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