Dino “Chairs and Flairs” Restoration

The thread linked below is from Ferrarichat.com and features a “chairs and flairs” Dino that is undergoing a full rotisserie restoration by forum member “omgjon”. It’s previous owner had it for the past 33 years and it was still wearing it’s original factory paint, upholstery and carpet when he recently bought it, making it a true “survivor”. Very rare, indeed. The question then arises, why restore it?



This is not the craftsman’s first Dino restoration. The level of attention to detail and organization in his Southern California shop is impressive, to say the least.  Just take one look around his workshop and it is obvious this guy knows what he is doing and takes pride in cleanliness and order. If I were to have a Dino restored there really is no question that this is the guy I would go to.



He has completed a few Dino restorations in the past which have proven to be absolutely beautiful show winning examples, but this particular one has a few Ferrarichat forum members up in arms as to why he took apart such a nice original car in the first place.


There are strong arguments given by both sides. After all, it is not as if this is an historic Ferrari racing car, but we are still talking about a car that was in fairly decent shape to begin with, and there aren’t many of those left.  With that in mind,  the question really is, “why mess with it?”


A really nice survivor can only be original once, whereas a car that has already been restored can be again and again, many times over.


What would you have done? Please comment below and let us know if you would have done a sympathetic restoration, with just enough re-done to make sure that it was road worthy?





Or would you have gone as far as this member and performed a full nut and bolt make over, including color change?.



Either way, there is no argument that this particular Dino is on it’s way to a full make over which will bring it to a level of perfection that it has never seen before, even when brand new.




Find the build-in-progress here at:


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  1. It’s his car, but it’s a shame to see the originality all go up in smoke. The color change is particularly unfortunate.

  2. A really good answer, full of raylanoiitt!

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