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With your help, we would like to develop a new category that features vintage dealership photos to expand further upon what we have attached here. Although we always enjoy seeing pictures of recently restored vintage cars, nothing beats seeing old pictures of them when they were still brand new and sitting on the showroom floor. It’s amazing that the dreadful tradition of haggling over the price of a car is still commonplace in our society, a practice that everybody hates to do and yet it unbelievably still exists to this day. In any case, please enjoy the few photos we actually have gathered up so far on the following page and if you have something interesting to include, please put a link to it in the “Comments” section below, or e-mail them to us at for us to update here. Help us make this into a new category filled with showroom shots of all types of vehicles from all different time periods. Until then, enjoy the 70+ photos on the following page…
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  1. The Library of Congress has a few:

    Triangle Motor Co. Inc., a Ford dealer, probably in Washington, D.C.

    Grand Island, Nebraska. Auto dealer’s window

    Christmas window display at an unidentified Oldsmobile dealer’s, probably in Washington, D.C.

    Maxwell Briscoe show room

    Ford Motor Co. [showroom], Calgary branch

    Potomac Electric Power Co. air conditioning and lighting. Interior of Beal’s Motors, Rhode Island Ave.

    Capitol Motors, business at 625 S. Broad St., Trenton, New Jersey. Night detail

    Griffith Consumers Co. Showroom at Superior Motors

    Crystal Motors, business at 5901 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, New York. Exterior II

    L Motors, business at 175th St. and Broadway, New York City. Entrance detail

    L Motors, business at 175th St. and Broadway, New York City. General view

    [Automobiles parked on roof of Buick Sales and service building]

    Duesenberg Straight Eight, “Built to outclass, Outrun and Outlast any car on the road”

    Sometimes the TIFF is much better than the JPG, sometimes not.

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