The (Insert Superlative) Restoration of a 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

[Editor’s Note: I am re-posting this feature story back to the top because the numbers show that it did not get the coverage it deserves. Find the original story from November 19th, 2013 below.]This 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce is the subject of a restoration by forum member George Kraus (“Alfabits”) on in Portland, Oregon. We at CarBuildIndex are obvious fans of the Italian marque, having just featured another Alfa in the previous story. What is it about the Italians and their cars, bikes, motorcycles, art, food, fashion, architecture, women and design in general? As a whole, they just know how to grab life by the cahones and enjoy everything around them to the fullest extent with the most flair. What other language sounds so beautiful, whether it is something as simple as a waitress telling the day’s especiales or in the form of the noise coming out of one of their engine’s exhaust notes? We are smitten by their culture, and who could blame us? But we digress, which is easy to do when speaking of anything Italian. Follow along with us on the next page as we explore this 26 page thread in a detailed photographic story line…

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There isn’t much to say about the Giulietta Spider Veloce that we haven’t already said previously in past feature stories. We are huge fans of the car’s styling, and especially appreciate when an owner such as George takes such extreme measures to insure that his car is restored to such absolute beyond-perfect standards.
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While the photos speak for themselves, we would like to additionally point out that Hagerty’s Valuation Guide places these at an average selling price of $31,000.  Perfect examples, such as this one have recently sold for as much as $56,000.
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We have no doubt that this one represents the top tier of that curve if not higher, as it is a numbers matching Veloce which has been exquisitely restored.
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In the long thread, forum members jump in to assist with photos and diagrams from their own personal experience whenever a question is raised. The talent and information sourcing for Alfa Romeos on is second to none.
This particular Giulietta Spider 1300 Veloce car received a 1400 cc engine rebuild upgrade and some performance suspension goodies too, making it a great driver once it’s show days are exhausted.
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There really isn’t anything we would change on this car, as the way it currently sits is perfect in our book.
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While we are always happy that a car gets renovated to such a high standard, we are even more happy to see when they are actually driven like this one, as originally intended.
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From the back, it’s Pininfarina lines resemble a smaller Ferrari 250 PF Spider Cabriolet. Gorgeous car and beautiful restoration.
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