BAC Mono Formula 3 Car for the Street Build

Where shall we start with this story? How about from the beginning…we happened to see this car randomly in Malibu a few mornings ago on the street in person. It was doing a wildly wide 180 degree turn off of Pacific Coast Highway, a move that only a car with extremely limited suspension travel and equally as short of a turning radius would do, and then it went ripping up the hill set before it. The rest of the day our jaws were dropped open until we were finally able to research it a bit further to calm our child-like curiosity. It all happened so quick that we weren’t able to immediately identify it as a BAC Mono until we remembered a recent Chris Harris//Drive video which featured one (shown on the following page), then it all started coming together…

 Living in Los Angeles, we have to fortune of being able to witness everything possible on the street. If it exists and is road legal, LA residents have seen it, which is why seeing this particular car for the first time was such a unique experience.
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Sector 111 is the Temecula, California importer of these English sportscars. They are basically 1,500 pound Formula 3 cars for the street,  powered by 280 horsepower Cosworth engines and F-3 spec Hewland sequential gearboxes with paddle shifts, AP Racing brakes, Sachs racing suspension, OZ Racing wheels and bespoke Kuhmo tires.
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It was named “The Stig’s Car of the Year 2011” and “Autocar’s Track Car of the Year for 2011”.  Watch the following Chris Harris’s video to find out why:

We were able to find Sector 111’s build thread on, which is linked at the bottom of this page. Everything is built from scratch, arriving to the shop in a crate full of parts.
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After a steep learning curve which included weeks of factory training and typical shop trial and error, the car was finally completed. A few leaks were sorted, a faulty fuel gauge was repaired, body gaps were re hand fit until perfect and a loose fuel tank internal clamp was repaired. All of which can be expected in the first build of a new custom project car.
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Forum members ask if the car is US street legal, but no answer is given, which is the same result that happened when we asked the same question. We assume that it is only because they are still working on it and have plans for it soon, we hope…
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Until then, find the build thread here at:



Sector 111, LLC
Official Importer: BAC Mono
Authorized Ariel Atom Dealer

Main Office:
41740 Enterprise Cir. N. Ste 101
Temecula, CA 92590
Ph 951-296-6762 ext 201
Cell 951-551-0900
Fax 951-296-6845


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