Ex-Jim Clark Lister Jaguar “Flat Iron” Restoration for Goodwood Revival

This ex-Jim Clark Lister Jaguar “flat iron” is the subject of a two part restoration video series on FortyOneSix.com. The iconic race car was being finished for the Goodwood Revival meeting by CKL Developments in the UK. The car was originally built with a Bristol engine, but after it was crashed badly during it’s early racing career, a privateer team bought it and a Jaguar XK engine found it’s way into the bay. Jim Clark recently had a few choice words to say about the driving experience…


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“The Lister taught me a great deal about racing, and I had fun with that car. It was a beast of a thing, mind you, really vicious, but it was more fun than any except the Aston Martins I drove later. The handling of the car was fabulous. For example at Gerard’s Bend at Mallory you could set the car up going in to the bend hard, and get round the corner without touching the steering again. If you wanted to come out tight you just put your boot in it, the tail came round and it was a matter of driving it round on the throttle the whole way. That really taught me quite a bit about racing, particularly about controlling a car by the throttle.”

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To put those words into a visual, we think this Chris Harris  “Le Mans Legends 2013: Chris Harris Drives a Lister Jaguar Coupe — /DRIVE MOMENTS ” video sums it up perfectly during his drive of a hard top version of the same car, even without a single word spoken:

Later, he writes about the experience:

“Wet.Dry. Wet again. With some dry bits. But also some wet. I’d done 6 laps of the circuit before the race. The car is worth £2m and this was easily the biggest driving challenge of my life. VMax on the straight is around 180mph.”

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Follow the restoration during the two part series below:

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  1. Great article on the Lister – Jaguar connection, love the videos and pics!

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