1958 Berkeley Gilmore SE492 Period Race Car Restoration

This 1958 Berkeley Gilmore SE492 was the subject of a restoration by Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding in Ohio. You may remember the shop from our previous feature of their restoration of a beautiful eggshell white 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce, linked at the bottom of the following page. While there is no information on their site about this particular Berkeley other than the photos attached, we located and embedded their YouTube video on the next page that gives the full low down of it’s history and restoration, but not before a brief history of the small car company for a little more insight to what they were all about…
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Berkeley used to build caravans (trailers) out of fiberglass before beginning their delve into the miniature sports car world. The car’s fiberglass shells were constructed in 3 pieces and outfitted with 322cc, 3 cylinder engines. Only approximately 4,200 were made in total between 1956 to 1960, of which about 1,000 were imported to the United States starting in 1957.
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We wonder how many ended up as Shrine member’s parade cars, which would be a travesty since they were originally made to take on the race tracks.
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This particular example was restored for a customer who wanted it to be recreated to resemble how a Berkeley might have been modified for racing in-period during it’s hey day. Since there are no parts source for these cars as they simply don’t exist any longer, a lot of it had to be custom fabricated.
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The end result is stunning, yet another fine example by Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding. Now, the video, as promised:

Find it HERE
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Our previous feature of their 1958 Alfa Romeo restoration can be found HERE
Shop Contact Information:
Pete’s Custom Coachbuilding
5800 Irerland Road
Hartsgrove, Ohio 44099
Pete at 440.567.5491.
[email protected]

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