Fiat 500 Abarth Build Thread

This late model Fiat 500 Abarth is the subject of a build thread by Road/Race Motorsports of Santa Fe Springs, California on The “Urban Warrior Abarth” has been given a whole shindig of cosmetic and performance upgrades to showcase what the shop has to offer. While it may look at bit conspicuous for such a small car, the parts list that is incorporated into this project reads a bit more seriously. And please, just don’t call it “cute”. Apparently they don’t like that too much. Knowing the potential of this car, we can respect that request.

The car was sent to Bilstein to create coil overs specifically for Road/Race Motorsports to work with in conjunction with their custom made rear sway bars. Frame bracing of their own design also help in keeping torsional twist to a minimum for it’s intended track day usage.
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With an exhaust, intake and Magnetti Marrelli ECM, this Abarth truly now does have the bite of a scorpion, which translates to 220 hp with 32 psi of boost and 267.5 ft lbs of torque, almost a full 100 more twist than stock. Stiiinnggg. Ok, ok, we had to incorporate a scorpion-bite-sting scenario in there somewhere, hope you understand.
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STOPTECH brakes along with Tarox slotted rotors and Road Race Track/Street brake pads assist in bringing all of it’s new found power back down from speed.
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For the track, the shop put in a race seat and harnesses and tried out a few different sets of wheels. We would like to see the different rim choices weighed to see what their differences are from stock.
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Overall, the car is reportedly a blast to drive. We are always huge fans of small performance cars and are imagining a white rag top version ourselves with all of the Road/Race Motorsports performance items installed, but leaving the appearance stock for a stealth sleeper version. Always fun to school much more expensive exotic machinery in tiny little “cute” cars, isn’t it? We think so too.
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 Shop can be found here at:
Road Race Motorsports
13037 Lakeland Rd.
Suite F
Santa Fe Springs, Ca 90670
(562)906-0052 Fax

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