1969 BMW 2800 FIA Gruppe 2 CSL Barn Find Restoration

UPDATE: Motoporter has a great new website that can be seen here at: http://www.motoporter.com/ 
Our original feature from December 15th, 2013:
This 1969 BMW 2800 FIA Gruppe 2 CSL (chassis number 22000093) was the subject of a restoration by Arthur W. Porter, known worldwide as the leading authority on BMW’s CSL competition cars. He originally came across the orange painted race car in a Stockholm, Sweden storage facility in 1990, and then wisely kept in touch with it’s owner until he was finally able to put a deal together to purchase it in 2007. After, he had it shipped to his shop in Denver, Colorado where he took it upon himself to complete an impressively quick full rotisserie restoration just in time for that year’s Monterey Historics.
This is just the type of story that we thrive here at CarBuildIndex, as it checks all of the right boxes for us. Barn find? Well, technically a storage facility, but yeah, we can roll with that. Check. Vintage competition car with race history resurrected to race once again on some of the world’s finest circuits? Check. Track down one of the car’s past driver’s? Check. Shall we continue? As you wish, so follow along with us on the next page as we delve deeper into this particular car’s literally colorful history…

#2200093 is the earliest known CSL racing coupe in existence, originally produced in 1968 as a 1969 2800 CS test car for BMW.
When Arthur found the car it was painted orange and wearing it’s vintage “Bosch” sponsorship livery as it was last raced.
In this picture of it in 1977 above, it had been a lovely green that looked very unique, and oh so very ultra period-cool.
When he began the restoration and started removing the paint, he found that it still had many layers from it’s multiple previous lives of different sponsorship liveries, including light blue, gold, green, red and more. Ultimately, he decided to replicate the car back to it’s original factory Alpine White and then utilize the stripes scheme that were on the green car.
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During it’s restoration process, Arthur was able to locate and make contact with one of the car’s original race drivers, Rudi Zobl. He shared pictures and stories from it’s earliest years, but unfortunately Rudi was killed in a motorcycle accident not long after in 2008. We are happy to see that he was alive long enough to witness one of his past cars being resurrected which, according to his widow, made him extremely happy. The bond between man and machine when raced in fury is undeniable. Godspeed Rudi.
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Since it’s first race back again at the 2007 Monterey Historics, the 3.5 litre, 360 horsepower CSL has raced all over the United States, including at the Pittsburgh Grand Prix, and then made it’s way to Belgium at Spa, France and even Spain.
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If you happen to be a BMWCCA member, look out for their feature of it in an upcoming issue of Roundel.
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We thank Arthur for his exclusive first dibs on the BMW race car’s revival story, and hope to feature more of his epic restorations in the future.
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Contact Information:
Arthur W. Porter
312 South Weber Suite B
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
[email protected]

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