Radical RXC Race Car Build

UPDATE January 22nd, 2014:
Radical has now passed the requirements necessary for their RXC model to be street legal in California, a huge milestone to have overcome. Find the press release on the following page, along with our original feature from last month.


From our December 19th, 2013 Feature:
Radical’s new RXC model, seen here sitting pretty in today’s feature, is basically a full blown, street legal race car. And just because of that little tantalizing, high-lighted-in-bold tidbit of information alone, we have included it’s story here. But before we go about teasing anybody too much, too soon, let us state the very unfortunate “but not in the United States” disclaimer upfront, because we don’t like to lead our viewers on. We just aren’t that type of girl, sorry. Regardless, they are amazing machines none-the-less, and the simple fact remains that they are street legal somewhere (read: everywhere but here), so come along and take a closer look at them with us on the following page, won’t you? And don’t miss the videos at the end, the sounds their engines make are worth sticking around for.


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Weighing just 2,000 pounds, their 380 horsepower Ford 3.7 liter V6 engines have enough oomph to slingshot them from a 0 mph standstill to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds, and then go on to achieve a top speed of 175 mph. At that point their bodies are producing an astounding 2,000 pounds of down force.
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The shape was inspired by the design of the Peugeot 908 Le Mans car, and there is no mistake that these were built with the intention of them primarily being race cars first and foremost before anything else.
In a link provided at the bottom of the page, build can your own personal dream version. Deck it out with options such as carbon-ceramic 330mm front and 310mm rear discs, and an air jack system, to name just a few of the more race-oriented items available.
Creature comfort options to help you try and convince yourself that you could actually daily drive one of these beasts include leather or alcantara interior, carpets and even air conditioning.
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There is no traction control or ABS available, but that’s alright with us. It is a raw race car, just the way we like them, and if you want one as bad as we do, let’s join forces and get a petition signed to let us drive them legally on our American public streets. So, how many signatures do you imagine that would require, exactly?
In the meantime, while we are gathering our John Hancocks, enjoy the following videos. The engine note is glorious:

Here, GT3 racer Duncan Tappy takes a Radical RXC on the Goodwood hill climb course:

Build you own here:
Speaking of street legal race cars, don’t miss our previous feature story of a BAT Mono in “Related posts” below, and a time-elapsed video of an Ariel Atom build here:
Radical Sports Cars
Unit 24-26 Ivatt Way Business Park
Westwood, Peterborough
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1733 331616
[email protected]
Radical RXC Now Road-Legal In The USA
16 January 2014The Radical RXC passes the required tests for road registration in California, paving the way for road registered RXC and RXC Turbo sales across the USA.
Working closely with one of America’s first Radical coupe owners, Jeffrey Cheng, the RXC has been inspected and approved for use on the road – a landmark step for the Radical brand in the USA as road registration is traditionally difficult with low-volume British sportscars.The RXC has been designed to meet stringent Small-Series Type Approval regulations for both Europe and worldwide in all key criteria areas, such as visibility, crash safety, noise and emissions, enabling a swift and straight-forward completion of the process.

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