VW Golf R 2.0 APR 420 hp Stage 3 Build

This 2010-2012 Volkswagen Golf R 2.0 6 speed was the subject of a sleeper build by the VW/Audi/Porsche and Skoda aftermarket performance experts at APR in Australia. The shop transformed it’s stock turbocharged, 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine from 271 to 420 horsepower with their Stage 3 kit, and installed suspension and brake mods to help keep a handle on it’s new found power, as well.
We are huge advocates of sleeper builds and this particular VW couldn’t look any more sedate than with it’s plain white exterior color and sticker-less body, which is exactly how we like them. That is part of the appeal of flying under the radar since it’s not about winning stoplight races by surprise for us, it’s about wanting to drive a performance car without looking like a boy racer or poser. Welcome to the land of subtlety, where less is more and self confidence is paramount.
While there isn’t a wealth of information about this particular project build on their site other than the pictures and a few header titles, we have featured a few other of APR’s United States distributor’s builds in much more detail.
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We previously reported on their Stage 4 Golf R with over 500 horsepower here at: http://www.carbuildindex.com/2257/vw-r2-0-build-by-apr-and-bf-goodrich/ and their Super Beetle with Golf R drive train and over 500 hp here at: http://www.carbuildindex.com/2485/volkswagen-super-beetle-build-by-apr-and-vw-of-america/, each extraordinary cars that have got to be a hoot to drive.
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If this build is anywhere near as comprehensive as those 2, which we will have to assume they are, APR Australia has addressed upgrading the stock Haldex unit here too. That piece enables the extra power and torque transfer in the awd system to be utilized to make it quicker and more responsive, while distributing more of each to the rear wheels when driven hard.
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The big elephant in the room is whether the shop was able to disable VW’s ESC, or “Electronic Stability Control”, which cuts the power off during the most 
inopportune times while driving the car hard.  
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The modifications which we do know about include a Sachs racing clutch, huge Alcon brakes, a larger intercooler, coilovers with upgraded sway bars and what looks like OZ Racing rims. It would be nice to get a few of those questions squared away, as this R rings our bells and we know that APR knows what they are doing.
Now, how about a short teaser video of the car here before we sign off?

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APR United States
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