2002 Porsche 996 GT2 “RSR” by 911Design

This 2002 Porsche 996 GT2 “RSR” is the subject of an on-going, 4 year active project by 911Design in an effort to build one of the most extreme street/track 911 GT2’s, possibly of all time. The custom fabrication craftsmanship and attention to detail in the suspension, engine and brakes, and all of it’s associated hardware is just absolute art. No posing here. In it’s final iteration, the 3.8 Twin Turbo engine was dynoed at 843 rwhp at 1.1 bar while running 100 octane race fuel.




The transmission of choice to handle all of that power was a sequential gearbox from Cartonics in Germany, with steel synchros and revised ratios. Since engine rebuilds are not cheap at an estimated $40k-$50k, the redline was set to “only” 8600 rpm.


Loren Beggs, of 911 Design (www.nine11design.com) in Los Angeles, California and suspension guru Cary Eisenlohr of ERP are legends in the Porsche 911 race car world who can be given credit for creating this particular beast for car owner and 6speenonline.com member “1badGT2”.


Over the course of approximately 4 years, the discussion of this monster has grown to 55 pages, and counting.



With a street car build as wild as this it can be expected to ask why he didn’t just buy an RSR factory race car to begin with and call it a day. I think we can all guess the answer…because this one is “street legal” (perhaps not in California, though). He wrote of plans to race in the Speed GT Challenge Series in another 911Design built car meant strictly for the track, but there was no mention of it is brought up again before the thread died out about a year ago.



Carrara GT center lock mechanisms paired with BBS RSR race rims were the wheels of choice before they were put aside in favor of some wider custom made running gear by Forgeline, wrapped in steam roller sized 345/30/19’s rear and 305/30/19 front Michelin Sport Cup N Spec tires.


There was not anything overlooked in the build, including installation of a 27 gallon Premier fuel cell. The car was taken for a shake down at Willow Springs International Raceway where it ran a 1:31 lap time, which is not slow, but let’s just say that we have an inkling that it will do a lot quicker once fully dialed in. Let’s just chalk it up to the driver being extra cautious at first with his one-off custom built car, as well. Ok, now let’s see if we can get some updates!





In the meantime, find all of the details by visiting the thread here at: http://www.6speedonline.com/forums/996-turbo-gt2/117969-very-custom-996-gt2-rsr.html

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