2010 KTM X Bow Build

This 2010 KTM X Bow was the subject of a couple of modification threads by Backdraft Motorsports in the U.K. In our quest to scour the internet and find the most interesting build threads humanly possible to share with our CBI fan(s), we happened to have run across two web sites which had the same build. We figured that was a sign from a divine power greater than us, so we ran like hell with it. Also, we had recently featured a few other (non-USA) street legal race cars in the not too distant past, but as a side note we feel we have to be brutally honest here…between the KTM X Bow, the Ariel Atom, the Radical RXC and the BAC Mono, we have got to admit we are smitten by the BAC by far the most. That is probably because it is able to replicate the look of a formula car the closest since it is the only single seater between them, which perhaps says something about our selfish nature. Not that we care, of course. Whatever, moving on back on target.
Please continue on the next page as we follow the trials and tribulations of this X Bow’s build while it receives a slew of modifications…

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Let us just start by saying we like everything these guys are about, lest if for nothing else than being overly ambitious with this build.
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The plan was to take their X Bow Super light (Orange), which is powered by an Audi 2.0 TFSI engine and give it their BDM Stage 5 Race Engine internal upgrade and huge Garret GT3076 turbocharger. All said, it is good for 450 horsepower, which is absolutely mind bending mental in such a lightweight car.
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To handle the extra power, the shocks were re-valved, it received uprated springs, adjustable sway bars and push rods, larger AP Racing brakes with a bias adjuster and Compomotive rims with Dunlop slicks.
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Unfortunately, software issues arose when they tried to mesh a DSG transmission to the engine, as it just wasn’t able to handle all of that torque. They ended up going back to the 02Q manual gear box with a Helix lightened flywheel and six paddle clutch kit to give them the drivability and reliability they need to race it.
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Last word in the thread was that they were going to continue development on the DSG’s software, but no word from them in the last few years in the thread whether they were able to make it compatible or not.
If anybody is capable of making that happen, the crew at Backdraft Motorsports certainly look to have the expertise and enthusiasm to see it through. Hopefully we can get an update from them during a rare moment of their downtime when they are not developing new breakthrough technology or racing their team of Lamborghini Gallardos in GT3.
Until then, find the threads here at:



Backdraft Motorsport
10 Avant Business Center
Third Avenue
Denbigh, Milton Keynes, MK1 1DR
Tel: 01908 648081

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