2012 Volkswagen Scirocco R Modification

This 2012 Volkswagen Scirocco R is the subject of a 79 page modification thread on http://www.vwgolf.net.au/forum.php by it’s owner, forum member “Rev555”.  While we normally don’t feature slammed stance rides with flat wraps here, we have made the exception for this particular car because of it’s impressive list of modifications. Also because we have a soft spot for the “new” Scirocco that is unfortunately not being imported here into the United States, which makes it even more difficult after seeing these photos. In any case, when a car is as modified as this feature R, there are always decisions to personalize it to one’s own unique taste that not everybody will agree upon, but we can respect that when the overall end result is more about performance than appearance. With 513 ft lbs of torque, we have no problems at all here. Moving on…

For whatever internal VW factory reasons, the sportier Scirocco R version was left as front-wheel-drive while the Golf R versions are all-wheel-drive. While all of that added power and torque of this feature car could be assisted by 2 extra drive wheels, we are glad to see that a DREXLER clutch type differential was added to help get the power to the ground. That took care of a fair amount of the torque steer which was bound to happen with that much grunt going through the front drive wheels.
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19X9.5 ADV8.1 Forged One Piece rims with 265/30/19 Michelin Pilot Super Sports also aid in hooking traction up, and H&R sway bars and coilovers were added, as well.
The full parts list can be found at the bottom of the page, which also includes a Stage 1 HPA tune.
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A factory piece which artificially amplifies the exhaust note into the cabin called the “Soundaktor” was removed, which we also thought was a good idea to toss. We had only heard of that before in the latest BMW M5, but let’s just hope that this isn’t becoming a trend with the manufacturers.
In any case, the full 79 page modification thread can be found in the link below, or better yet just scroll through all of the pictures from it that we have included here in the right hand column.
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When the phrase “a picture can speak a thousand words” was originally coined, it certainly might have had this thread in mind if any foresight was at all possible since there are enough photos to do the talking in this long thread here. We would have not gone so far as the wrap and appearance modifications but we would have done all of the performance items and interior pieces, since we are sticklers for subtlety. To each their own, which we can respect. Oh yeah, and raise it a little bit, ok? Did that just age us?…
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Hybrid K04 Turbocharger
Mcchip DKR Software Performance Stage 4 Engine Tune
VWR Racing Intake
Custom Vband downpipe and high flow 200 cell cat
Milltek Cat Back Exhaust (Unresonated)
HPFP Stage 1 fuel pump with 145 bar rail valve
HPFP Cam Follower
Audi TTRS/RS3 In Tank Fuel Pump
Forge Twin Cooler
Forge Oil Catch Can system
Forge Boost Tap
Forge Vacuum operated valve upgrade
Neuspeed Vacuum operated valve upgrade
BSH throttle pipe
R8 Coil Packs
Stage 3 Snow Performance Water Meth Kit
KW Clubsports 2 Way Adjustable Coilovers
H&R Front and Rear Swap Bars (26mm and 22mm)
Unibrace Under Body Brace
Super Pro Alloy Control Arms
Super Pro anti lift kit
Super Pro Roll Centre Adjusting Ball Joint
CPC Stage 4 DSG Tune
HPA Dogbone insert (Red 75 Duro)
BSH Pendulum Mount
VW Motorsport (Drexler) Custom LSD
SSP 500 HP Clutch Package
AP Racing 6 Piston Monoblock with custom bracket
355mm Two piece Floating with Strap Drive System
Ferodo DS2500 pads
Goodridge Braided Lines
AP Racing Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid
Rear: Grooved and vented OEM
ADV.1 8.1 (19 X 9.5 et 35) Forged
3mm H&R Spacer in front
Michelin Pilot Super Sports 265x30x19
TSW Motorsport T66-F (Forged)
18×9 ET35
Toyo Proxes R888 265/35ZR18 97Y
Scirocco Cup rear spoiler
Carbon Demon Gloss Black Vinyl Roof
Carbon Demon Matt Grey Metallic Full Body Wrap
VW Motorsport Carbon Kevlar GT24 Bonnet
Aerocatch Bonnet Fasteners
Garage Vary Reife Rear Diffuser
Kerscher Tuning CF Front Lip
Rear View Camera
Recaro Motorsport seats
ST2 DSG Paddle Shifter Upgrade
P3 Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface
Interior LED lighting upgrade
Suede Steering wheel
Claimed manufacturer’s Power:
188kw at flywheel @6,000 RPM
163kw at front wheel
330Nm @ 2,500 RPM
Mainline Dyno 29.04.2012 – Stage 1 HPA Tune
206.5 kw front wheel KW @ 142kph/349Nm Torque @ 78kph
City Performance Centre Hub Dyno 9.5.12 HPFP Tune
227.7 kw @ 6500rpm and 400 nm torque @ 3,000 RPM
City Performance Centre Hub Dyno 31.1.2013-Hybrid Turbo Stage 4 Tune
248k2 @ 6,600rpm and 460Nm @ 3,200
City Performance Centre Rolling Maha Dyno 01.06.2013-Hybrid Turbo Stage 4 Tune
252kw at the wheels @ 5402rpm and 513Nm @5348
289kw at the engine @5402ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:
City Performance Centre
Carbon Demon
Concourse Finishes

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