Jay Leno’s Mercedes Benz 300 SEL 6.3 with AMG Engine Swap

While doing a search for an interesting AMG engine swap to feature here, we came across this story that we actually remember reading about a few years back. It involved taking a brand spanking new 518 horsepower, 6.2 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine normally found in the late model E63 and S63 AMG series sedans and transplanting it into a vintage 300SEL 6.3. It apparently already had tallied up around 300,000 miles on it, which we thought we should mention just in case the period-correct police began to turn on their sirens…

Back when they were originally made between 1968 and 1972, these Benzos were no slouches themselves. Labeled as the “fastest production sedan” with their big V8’s that were normally found in the 600 limousine, these boxy 4 doors may have been the original sleepers. Hell, if they were good enough for the king of cool Steve McQueen, they are certainly cool enough for our dopey asses. We previously featured a stunning (you see, who else would use that word?) restoration of a 1970 300SEL 6.3 here at:
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Since there is no further information or photos from this news story which dates back to 2009, we can only hope that Jay Leno’s garage made brake, suspension, transmission and chassis modifications to handle all of it’s additional horsepower and torque, which we wouldn’t doubt but we would still love a peek. After all, the project was backed by none other than AMG’s head dude-in-charge Volker Morningweg and Mercedes Benz’s CEO, Ernst Lieb.
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We also imagine that between all of their combined expertise that they already knew the stealth mod trick is to use the larger diameter 15″ steel rims from the 600 limo, get them widened and slap on some hubcaps for the ultimate sleeper sled look.
This is a package that we would love to see now that it is most certainly completed and fully sorted.
Until then, you can find it here at:

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  1. I have an 1989 Merz 300SEL engine out of order/used NO motor oil and would like to change the engine any info I should know

  2. The build never happened. His fans urged him to keep it stock, so he did. The M156 is looking for another home.

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