Twiggy’s 1968 Toyota 2000GT Paint and Body Restoration

This 1968 Toyota 2000GT (VIN# MF10-10130) was the subject of a body restoration and repaint by expert craftsman Shin Yoshikawa of Studio Time Capsule in Lebec, California. The million dollar car, which was previously owned when new by the supermodel known worldwide as “Twiggy”, was entrusted to Shin by the Toyota Museum to repair some engine compartment fire damage and an older botched bodywork job. We love the shape of these iconic Japanese sports cars, which look like a much more intricate and delicate version of Datsun’s later-introduced 240Z. With only 337 total built between 1967 and 1970, we are happy to see that this one was returned to it’s former glory.

It arrived in an older Ferrari Red respray instead of the would-be appropriate period correct Sonic Red, but some remnants of it’s original gold paint was found on the inner door latch.
Since that was what it wore when it left the factory in 1968, that is the color that it was returned to. Only 2 were made in that shade, both for the Tokyo Motor Show and the other went to Yamaha, who was initially involved with their development.
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The Japanese sports cars were penned by Satoru Nozaki and feature an 150 horsepower, DOHC, 12 valve, hemi head straight 6 cylinder engine developed by Yamaha, who incidentally also supplied the rosewood veneers for the dash from their artisans in their grand piano department. The “3M” motors have a total displacement of 2 liters and feature triple twin barrel Solex side draft cars and split headers. Since there were no photos provided of the interior or engine, we included the following random shots from the internet of possibly the same car.
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After completely removing the red paint, Shin found Bondo as thick as 1 inch deep in places. He got rid of it all and pulled the old dents, worked his magic and applied 7 coats of paint, wet sanding each layer in between and then applied 3 layers of clear coat.
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When finally completed, the golden “Twiggy” GT went back to the Toyota museum for display.
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With prices currently hovering around the $1 million mark for one of these, we hope that it doesn’t get relegated as only a static model display that never gets exercised. This one deserves to be heard as well as seen.
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