1971 Ford F100 NORRA Mexican 1000 Baja Race Truck Build

This 1971 Ford F100 was the subject of a race truck restoration and build on http://www.race-dezert.com/home/, by forum member “bajaxp”. As his on-line name suggests, the truck was being prepared for competition in Baja for the 2013 NORRA Mexican 1000. It’s truly a no-holds barred, balls out build that started picking up sponsors as quickly as tumbleweed rolls through the desert (“quickly”…we were going for “quickly” here…) throughout it’s full 24 page thread. Continue with us on the next page as we follow the project from the time of purchase to beyond race day…
Upon receiving the truck at the shop, the crew quickly went through the 5 Stage of Grief when they saw the rig and all of the work that they had in store for themselves.
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When they finally accepted what was in store for them, parts were ordered and the truck’s form started coming together beginning with a Ford Racing 427 crate motor with 535 hp and 545 lb ft of torque. That engine surely has the ability to cure a lot of anguish, quickly. 24 26 28 29 30 Since the truck had been a racer in it’s previous life, it’s engine was mounted all of the way back to the fire wall for better weight distribution, a signature build move of Randy Anderson of Waker Evans Racing, who originally built it 35 years prior.
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The epic build can be seen unfolding through all of the pictures attached in the right hand column, with the finished product below.
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When their title sponsor Pabst Blue Ribbon posted pictures of the “Beer Hauler” on their Facebook page, over 5,000 “likes” appeared in the first 7 hours and almost 2,000 shares. Add one more from us at CarBuildIndex, this Baja cerveza truck was built proper!
Sponsors who jumped on board: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Bar-T Eqipment, CR Designs, Falken Tire, Polaris Off Road Vehicles, Pyrotect Fuel Cells, Energy Suspension, Walker Evans Racing Wheels and Shocks, Baja Designs, Utendorfer Designs and Dynomax Exhaust.
Unfortunately, the driveshaft broke early during the race, causing irreparable damage and the team had to retire. They were understandably upset, given that they had spent almost a year building the truck and had given the “driveshaft place” (name withheld to protect their identity) the horsepower and weight figures that it would have to endure. Add insult to injury, they were on a smooth surface when it broke, and not even pushing it at that point either.
In any case, repairs were done in preparation for next year’s race and they added a muffler because it was too arrest-me-loud for driving around town.
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The “Beer Hauler” appeared in Dirt Sports Magazine with a full feature shortly after.
Now, what did we say in a post just a few features back about us having a twisted perversion for race cars that were street legal too? Yeah, that applies to trucks too.
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