1986 Renault R5 Turbo 2 Restoration Video

We have been looking for a good Renault R5 Turbo restoration to feature here for some time now, so we were happy to have come across this video. Nothing speaks louder to us than box flares, a roll cage and BBS rims all wrapped up in a mid engine, rear drive platform, especially when that vehicle was originally sold as a front wheel drive econo box. Would that qualify it as a “sleeper”? Normally yes, but in this case not a chance in hell. After all, you did see those flares, right?
We are not sure of the exact particulars of this car featured here, but R5 Turbo’s were powered by 1.4 liter 4 cylinder turbo engines with anywhere between 185 and 350 horsepower, depending on model and modifications. This one appears to have been upgraded to the most powerful Maxi level, if not for it’s body kit alone, which would put it at the higher end of that spectrum. That is a fair amount of grunt for any 2,200 pound car, which would be somewhat of a handful with it’s 40/60 weight distribution front to rear and such short wheelbase, making it perfect for tight, curvy canyon road play if you stay on your toes. Tippy toes.
To give a rough idea of value, Hagerty’s guide places ’86 Turbo 2’s at an average selling price of $27k and a Condition 1 as high as $56k.  We expect nice examples, such as this one, should hold their value and continue to rise in the future. For now, drive ’em like you stole ’em.



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  1. I’ve watched the video of the R5 and I love it always wanted one. The song goes very well with the build and makes it even more enjoyable to watch the build. Congrats. to the composer.

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