2013 Ford Focus ST Build

This 2013 Ford Focus ST is the subject of a current shop project thread on http://www.focusst.org/index.php by Rally Sport Direct in Utah. The shop bought the car new and set about creating the absolute most comprehensive build thread that we have ever come across, covering each and every modification with before and after reviews of each product, a plethora of pictures for their each and every DIY guides that even included some video, too. This, our dear friends, is how it’s done. The bar has been raised and set to the highest possible level, of which Rally Sport Direct has created the template for how a build thread should be written, no matter what make, model or year of car. Tahhh Dahhh. And now following that grandiose smooch ass build up, how about a little bit about the car…
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The shop has been around for over a decade with some impressive previous builds. They named this car the “White Sheep”, obviously because of it’s wolf in sheep’s clothing disguise and understandably so considering the modifications performed. It’s now creating some 250 hp and 335 ft lb of torque after installation of COBB Tuning Stage 3 components. Insert mad wild dog comment here, and throw some foaming at the mouth stuff in there too while you’re at it.
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They lowered the car about an inch with Eibach progressive rate springs. Eibach sway bars were installed too help keep it planted in the turns. Full coilovers are discussed as a possible future mod with a full video review of stock verses aftermarket here:
While the build itself is impressive in it’s own rite, what we are overwhelmed with most is their absolute astute attention to detail that each modification goes into.
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For example, to test out a new Perrin roof mounted replacement antennae, a few of the shop crew went on a 2 hour trek up into the mountains to test it’s reception against it’s stock counterpart, and gives a full review of it to go along with it’s own DIY install guide. Obviously one of their most simple installs which was as easy as just unscrewing the original and screwing this one in place. But still, to stay consistent with the rest of the thread they did it, and for that we solute them.
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It’s full mod list can be found at the bottom of the page, but one of the more stand out items included in the build but not seen on the list included a Brembo Grand Turismo big brake kit, which of course has it’s own DIY install tutorial included, as well.
Overall, a very interesting thread for anybody who likes to read about what cars are capable of when modified properly. It definitely opened our eyes up to the possibilities of these little ST’s, and gives us hope that we have the ability to perform some mods ourselves too provided the proper play by play instruction. To that, we thank the obsessive compulsive anal retentive members of Rally Sport Direct and look forward to future build threads. Bravo.
Engine/Under hood modifications:
Rally Sport Direct
218 W. 12650 S.
Draper, UT 84020


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