Citroen 2CV Van with 380 hp Ferrari 355 Engine Swap

Since we have been on the subject of ridiculous engine swaps, how about this Citroen 2CV French bread van with a 380 hp 3.5 liter, 5 valve per cylinder (thus the nomenclature “355”, if you were not already aware) Ferrari V8 engine. Let’s just skip right to the video, shall we?

2CV Nimik (with Ferrari engine)

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The Italian rally driving madmen at spent 1,500 hours building the French/Italian hybrid. They had to widen the body and create huge air intakes for it to fit over the chassis of a crashed Ferrari 355. The results are glorious.

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Given the sleeper quality of the build, we would have probably toned it down a bit on it’s outward appearance, but that’s a small personal preference quibble. No one is going to argue about the overall build quality and positively insane aspect of the whole project. We can’t imagine what’s in store for their next build…

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Find it here at:

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