THE TOP 15 POSTS OF 2015: #5- Engine Swap: Privateer Builds 2007 Honda F1 Car for Track Days

8This 2007 Honda ex-F1 car, formerly driven by Rubens Barrichello, is the subject of a build thread on by it’s owner, forum member “F1snake”. We never thought we would write “home garage build” and “F1 car” in the same sentence, but that is exactly what we have here. This particular RA107 example was purchased minus it’s engine, steering rack and steering wheel by the privateer club racer at a local auction in the U.K. for a paltry sum of 37k Pounds. On the following page we take a glance at his heroic efforts in making the car track worthy and operable, once again.
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To power the car, F1snake chose a Hartley Enterprises built H1 3 liter V8 since Honda will not sell their ex F1 race engines to the general public.
The Hartley is basically two Suzuki Hayabusa engines mated at the crank and churns out a healthy 500 horsepower.
It has roughly the same dimensions and power to weight ratio as the car had when last raced in 2007 while utilizing a much more cost effective approach.
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Luckily, the transaxle was still in place at purchase but since it did not line up with the new engine the whole package had to be sent to Hewland Engineering Ltd. There, they worked their specialist magic to make them all work in harmony together.
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Some of the Honda’s original 2007 spare parts were sourced, and also a “2nd hand” MacLaren rain light at a fraction it’s cost new.
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After purchase of a DTA steering wheel, the new Honda F1 owner was fortunate enough to have found an appropriate original RB spec 2007 steering wheel which is 1 of only 8 that were ever made.
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Although not fully complete quite yet, this incredibly inspiring and current, on-going thread is one to keep an eye on for updates until almost finally track worthy once again. We are happy to see that this ex-F1 car has been saved from it’s unfortunate dismal life that was destined for display purposes only. It almost gives us mere mortals faith that we can do something similar one day ourselves, too. Perhaps…
Find it here at:

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  1. Hell of a toy and project. I think the car finished dead last in the 07 F1 season. It should fly nicely once it is finished.

  2. I am happy to see you were able to fide a few nose wings and other parts. I am positive he wont be able to find the parts at the Honda dealership.

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