Recommended Read: Mass HP Front Wheel Drive Cars In Formula Form

Here’s an interesting story that we found pop up a few days ago on, titled “The Physics of a Front-Wheel Drive Muscle Car”. In it, Rhett Allain breaks down into formula form the equation to what it takes to make a nose-puller economy car able to withstand mass amounts of horsepower during acceleration. While the recipe looks too complicated for our simple minds to compute with even the slightest bit of any comprehension, as an Associate Professor of Physics at Southeastern Louisiana University, we will just have to take his word for it…

Before hopping to the brain power content, cited as an example is the video of this impressive 736 horsepower VW Rabbit being put through it’s fore paw paces.

After experiencing our own fair share of torque steer through our own personal past rides, we will always prefer rear wheel drive first in a performance car, then all wheel drive before considering front, although this article and related video have certainly opened up our eyes to what’s possible by the (front) driven.

Most importantly, it’s always nice to see a Physics Professor defending reckless dragster derelicts through intellect and reason.

Find the full formula and associated article here at:

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