Pontiac Solstice Build with 427 V8 Engine Swap

This Pontiac Solstice was the subject of a project build at Hot Rod Magazine. With the additional help of General Motors Performance Division, the two joined forces and utilized the 2 seater’s rear wheel drive platform as the basis for a 7.0 liter, 427 cubic inch V8 engine swap. Since neither take any assigned task haphazardly, naturally everything in the car was torn apart and rebuilt around the new crate engine using mostly all GM parts numbers, including suspension and brake upgrades to match it’s new found horsepower. Continue with us on the next page for a closer look…

Over the course of three online issues, Hot Rod Magazine and GMPD worked together to make this possibly the most bad ass Solstice ever built.
We never thought we would have uttered anything close to the assembly of those words linked together, but this thing honestly looks like an absolute blast to drive.
In fear of sounding too cliche, do we mention any resemblance of this to a modern day Cobra? At 3,000 pounds, a heftier one no doubt, but the same basic concept certainly remains.
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The 6 speed manual transmission was sourced from a Chevy SSR, along with a Cadillac CST-V rear differential and brakes.
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Aside from the custom built radiator and a few other small bits, the rest of the build can be recreated using the GM parts numbers provided in the list below.
Can you say “roller skate”?
Find the full build with all of the details here at:

Link to crate engine:
Continue on the next page for the full Modification List with all of it’s associated GM parts numbers.
Hot Rod Magazine’s Pontiac Solstice Parts List

LS7 V-8 small-block/ 17802397
Engine Components
LS7 GM Performance Parts Stage 3 cam/TBA
LS7 dry-sump components
oil tank /12603281
hose, engine to tank/ 15210122
bolt, hold-down for hose/ 11515758
hose, engine to tank / 15210117Inlet components
Throttle body/ 12570790
MAF sensor / 12576410CTS-V Engine Accessory DrivePower-steering system
bracket / 12578551
bolt, pump to bracket / 11518075
pulley, ps pump / 12578552
bolt, bracket to head/ 11518633
hose, ps-fluid rsrvr to pump/ 25768914
hose, ps-fluid rsrvr to cooler/ 15145898
hose, ps pump to rack & pinion/ 89060184
(ends modified for Solstice r&p)
hose, ps cooler to rack & pinion/ 15145899
(ends modified for Solstice r&p)
cooler for ps fluid / 25767911Alternator system
bolt (qty. 2) / 11518637
bracket / 12578550
bolt / 11518630
alternator / 25750935Belt/tensioner system
tensioner / 12569301
bolt / 11515768
belt, A/C compressor / 12585551
pulley, belt idler / 12568996
belt, fan/wp/alt/ps / 12578553

Air conditioning (not used here but common for all LS engines)
bracket / 12578548
compressor / 25752698
bolt, A/C compressor to bracket, long/ 11509202
bolt, A/C compressor to bracket, short /11518627

starter / 89017847
bolts (qty. 2) / 11588456

LS7/Z06 Components

Complete cooling-fan assembly / 10367894
Engine mounts
bracket, passenger / 10349964
bracket, driver / 10349965
nut, engine mount (qty. 4) / 11516079
bolt (qty. 6) / 11515767
shield for bushing (qty. 2) / 15254707
mount (qty. 2) / 15254700


SSR T56 w/bellhousing / 15229017
(custom spacer used to clear long input shaft in trans & put shifter closer to stock location)
flywheel / 12571611
pressure plate / 24233650
bolts, pressure plate / 12561465
bolt, flywheel / 12553332
throwout-bearing assembly/ 15232236
transmission bolts/ 11518627
transmission yoke, SSR 32-spline / 26055083


Four-core aluminum radiator, engine water-to-oil cooler, transmission oil-to-air cooler, and rearend oil-to-air cooler. Radiator supplied by Griffin Radiator


Front: stock upper and lower A-arms, Ohlins adjustable coilover shock absorbers, and Hyperco springs
Rear: reworked mounting locations, A-arms and bracing to handle increased power, Ohlins adjustable coilover shock absorbers, and Hyperco springs

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  1. Could I get some specifications on this Solstice? Not your parts numbers. I am not building one just writing an article for local publication on one

  2. Don, this was a build by Hot Rod Magazine and GM Performance Division, not us at CBI. Maybe try and contact them directly? Hopefully they can help. Good luck!

  3. These two links are not working…
    Find the full build with all of the details here at:
    Link to crate engine:

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