1/8th Scale Model Build of a Talbot Lago T26C

The 10 page build thread of this Talbot Lago T26C 1/8th scale model replica was featured on scalemotorcars.com by it’s creator, forum member PROPELLER. While we by no means have any immediate plans to change our name to ModelCarBuildIndex.com any time soon, we did, however, get a bit overly giddy about this miniature race car and uploaded over 200 photos of it’s build on the following page. Continue with us on the next page as we take an extreme close up look at this fascinating project…
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The creativity that the model builder had to employ to come up with solutions for making parts that never existed before along with his intricate attention to detail are absolutely astonishing to us. We are not sure if we are more inspired by the whole project or more filled with self pity that we could never accomplish anywhere near such an heroic feat ourselves.
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After seeing this, we will just leave the custom fabrication to the big boys and have to be satisfied with reflecting on our memories of building plastic Revell model kits from our youth, which we are happy to report remain 78% glued together today still some 35 years later, thank you very much. Gold star on forehead for us!
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A little research into the history of the marque revealed that the Talbot-Lago T26C’s competition debut was at the 1948 Monaco Grand Prix.
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The full sized French single seater race cars are powered by 4.5 liter straight six engines that produce 280 hp at 5,000 rpm without aid from a supercharger, which was common practice at the time.
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Transmission is a 4 speed Wilson preselector gearbox, which was accurately replicated as seen in the shots above.
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Although not a winner the first year right out of the box, the T26C ended up to be a very successful race car up until it’s development ended when Talbot Lago’s attention switched to Formula 2.
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Scalemotorcars.com awarded PROPELLER with the honor of their 29th M.O.T.M., which tied his work with a brass built model of a 1962 Jaguar XKE engine. Perhaps a future build to feature here?…
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  1. I owned and raced a famous T26C Talbot Lago fifty years ago and have a bit of information on them.
    Very impressed with the 1/8 scale model by Propeller.
    Is it possible to purchase such a model?

  2. Ausgezeichnet !

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