Short Take: Datsun 240Z with Viper V10 Engine Swap

This unsuspecting classic Datsun 240Z was the recipient of an engine swap of all engine swaps, receiving a Viper V10. The low key sleeper looks extremely well built and we have been scouring the internet trying to find any information regarding this car’s build to go along with it’s pictures, but have come up short time and time again. Rather than keep it selfishly to ourselves any longer, we felt that it still had to be shared even without any solid details to go with it. If/when a build thread can be found, we will update it here at that time. Until then, find what pictures we do have on the following page.


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  1. After reading your comments about the 240Z viper engine swap I thought that surely someone had put one in a 240x before. I found every type Toyota engine had been swapped in along with Mercedes I6, several chevy engines including 4.3L. 350 ci and 454. Chrysler small blocks(318, 340, 360) were even touted as an easier swap than the SBC. And they have been swapped into many vintage Chrysler and Dodge chassis if they were muscle cars or not….lol
    The strangest swap I saw was a viper v10 into/onto a motorcycle… sick

  2. Sorry, I screwed up the link in the last comment. It should be….

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