Future Collectible Factory Hot Rod: 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo Cup

This 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo Cup car was featured for sale as a BringATrailer.com exclusive almost 3 years ago already, but we still consider it to be one of the finest examples left to exist today. Only 192 of the race cars were built to compete in the worldwide single spec series, this one being 1 of only 9 of those that were imported into the United States by Al Holbert, the head of Porsche Cars North America. From new it was sold to an executive at Escort radar detectors, which just so happened to be the title sponsor for the US series at the time. The absolute holly grail of the 944 Turbo (aka 951) series, we imagine these ultimate factory prepped race versions to be the next highly collectible Porsche on this side of the 911 world and their recent asking and selling prices have been supporting that theory quite well. Let’s take a closer look at this particular example while we glimpse at the differences that distinguish the racers from their street driven brethren.


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Extensive parts “delete” help shave some 400 pounds off of their weight, with additional help from the use of magnesium for such parts as their intake manifold, oil pan and “phone dial” rims that look stock to the untrained eye, but are actually one inch wider front and rear.
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In fact, the whole car looks remarkably stock without sponsorship livery if you somehow missed the Matter roll cage and the pins that hold down the fiberglass hood, which help add to it’s overall sleeper appeal to us.
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A full list of the modifications that differentiate the race cars from their street driven variants can be found below, thanks to BringATrailer.com:
Magnesium racing wheels (8x16F, 9x16R)
Magnesium intake manifold
Magnesium oil pan
928 S4 brakes
Racing brake pads (front pads are 959 part numbers)
Brake cooling kit
Strut tower brace bar over engine
Fiberglass hood with race locks
Exterior power kill switch
Interior power kill switch
Larger higher output turbo unit
Larger sway bars, rear adjustable
High performance engine electronics
Surakrit safety windshield
Safety roll cage
Recaro racing seat
Driver racing harness
Lightweight side mirrors
Special front struts
Special rear shocks with springs
Strengthened rear torsion arms
Heavy duty racing clutch
Quick ratio steering
Higher degree limited slip axle
Strengthened differential and axle gears
Strengthened transmission gears
Close ratio 5th gear (this has been proven incorrect)
Transmission oil cooler
ABS brakes (with switch)
Stiffened main chassis
Strengthened strut towers
Hard rubber suspension mounts
Lightweight battery
Single engine cooling rad
Underbody drag reduction panels
Lightweight noise insulation
Delete – Power steering
Delete – Fender liners
Delete – Radio, speakers
Delete – Headlight washers
Delete – Air conditioning
Delete – Power windows
Delete – Rear wiper
Delete – Engine shield
Delete – Undercoating
Delete – Sunroof
Delete – Power seat
Delete – Leather interior
Delete – Rear trunk release
Delete – Power mirrors
Delete – Door storage pockets
Delete – Cassette storage
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The asking price of this one was $75,000, which could prove to be quite the bargain in the not too distant future if the current prices of 911’s have any indication of where the market is heading. With 901’s heading north in value to a place that puts them out of reach to the average vintage car enthusiast, the only place left to go if they are looking for a Porsche may be the 944 series. In addition, factory race prepped Porsches have historically been strong “investments”, although we discourage use of that word because it suggests that they should be left unused as static displays in fear of damaging them, and in turn, their value rather than getting properly flogged, as originally intended.
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This 951 Cup car is one of only three that we know of left that remains in largely original, low mileage condition. The other two red examples can be seen linked below, one of which was from the Drendel family collection that sold in 2012 by Gooding for $75,000 and the other for offer by Sloan Autos for $95,000.
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If that’s not enough, maybe this grainy and yet so epic video of Scott Goodyear behind the wheel of a Rothmans Turbo in 1988 might help the convincing of what they are capable of:If you remember to keep their peaky 2.5 liter 4 cylinder turbo engines in boost, you will have a blast driving the snot out of the cult classic secrets while watching their values climb at the same time.
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With so few clean examples left today, we hope we didn’t just shoot ourselves in our own foot before we have a chance to get one of the last remaining clean factory hot rods left. If you get there before us, all we ask is that you take proper care of them for us until we get there ourselves. If not already sold, this one has our name written all over it when that time comes…
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  1. Hi- this is my car, thanks for featuring it. I did finally add period-correct race graphics, but they are removable vinyl.

    Long and detailed Rennlist forum thread on the cars here:


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