Survivor Sunday: 1964 Shelby Cobra 289

The subject of today’s Survivor Sunday feature is this fantastic 1964 Shelby Cobra 289, #CSX2307. It is actually the third all-original Cobra that we have already featured here so far to date, which is interesting to note because we can’t imagine that there are many more, if any, that are left unrestored. Motor Trend magazine featured it’s story in their April, 2006 issue, along with an interview with it’s character of an owner, Lynn Park. Continue with us on the following page as we paraphrase the 6 page article and take a closer look at the car…
Originally, CSX2307 is thought to have been a dealer demo for it’s first few years before it was purchased by a fellow who immediately had it painted from red to pale yellow.
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Not long after it was retired and sat under a tarp in Palo Alto for many years while it’s owners chased would-be collectors and prospectors away with a shot gun, insisting that it wasn’t for sale.
Eventually, a friend of Lynn’s was able to purchase it and brought it by on his trailer for him to see and probably to rub it in his nose, too, knowing that he was a big Cobra fan, having had some 27 during his lifetime and 10 at the time.
It turns out that his plans for the car were to make it a race car, which Lynn was thankfully able to nip in the bud. They found him an appropriate car to cut up and he ended up with the 289 survivor in the process.
Since then, it has been given the nickname “Dirt bag”, undoubtedly because of it’s (nearly) all original patina, although it had only covered less than 36,000 miles at the time of the interview.
What we find humorous is that it’s owner wishes that it’s engine still smoked like it had when he first bought it, before Marvel Mystery Oil had cured it’s ails because he thinks that it would just add to it’s charm and character. Fantastic.
In any case, the only items that were replaced since his purchase were a set of seats for another period correct set, and spending a few hundred hours preserving the rest of the car during a sympathetic restoration that included fixing all of the normal items that tend to need looking at after a car has been sitting for so long.
We always enjoy seeing a story about an appreciative vintage car owner who does what he or she can to preserve the original history of a classic car whenever possible. After all, they are only original once and in Shelby Cobra’s cases, they are too often mistaken for replicas when restored to as-new.
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  1. This car is a gem, I have had the pleasure of driving it and let me tell you, WOW!
    Smells of burning oil
    Sound better than any radio….
    Drives like a dream.

    Jeff Gagnon

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