Garage Find: 1966 Ford GT40 Mk 1(P/1067)

This 1966 Ford GT40 (P/1067) was recently excavated from a garage in Thousand Oaks, California after being stored under accumulated garbage for 37 years. The story of it’s find recently hit the internet after notorious vintage Ferrari scout Tom Shaugnessy finally prevailed as it’s latest owner since being in bidding war over it for a year. It is always hard to believe when such a rare car is unearthed, as you would think that they are all accounted for, but somehow there are still barn and garage finds resurfacing today that were thought long lost. Continue with us on the following page for a history of this particular car and how it ended up tucked away hidden for so many years.

P/1067 was built in December of 1966 at the Ford Advanced Vehicles factory in England. It is the very last GT40 to wear a Ford serial number.
It was also the very last Mk 1 car built, as well as the only one of that series to wear a Mk 2 clam shell. Furthermore, if that’s not enough, it is the sole survivor of those few produced with the updated rear ends, making it an absolute peerless rarity.
Although Ford was very successful at winning LeMans for 4 years in a row (1966-1969) in an effort to take on Ferrari’s dominance, this example was never raced.
Powered by a Ford 289, it is one of the original street versions that a few of it’s early owners modified to replicate the look of a competition car with Halibrand knock off spinner rims and a yellow and black paint scheme with race numbers.
It’s last owner of 39 years, now a retired fire firefighter, purchased the car in 1975 but 2 years later engine problems caused him to park it. Health problems kept him from ever getting around to fixing it, then one thing led to another and next thing you know it’s taken apart and stored under a couple decades worth of storage items and Cosco bulk buy Cheerio boxes. Not quite the glorious life that this princess deserves, so we are glad to see it now in the hands of someone who has the resources to breath new life into her for a fresh start.
We look forward to finding out what Tom has in store for it, but since it was never a race car and has no competition history we are guessing that it will be fully restored instead of just preserved with a sympathetic restoration. Either way will be fun to see how this one ultimately turns out. Until then…

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