Jaguar E Type-Based Eagle Low Drag GT

Eagle is a UK based Jaguar restoration shop that is equally as well known for their E Type rejuvenations as it is for their modern day interpretations. This E Type based Eagle Low Drag GT is the grand daddy epitome of all Jaguar E Types, a car that Enzo Ferrari himself once happened to have called the most beautiful car ever made. We wonder what he would say about this 2,280 pound 4.7 liter 346 horsepower version when compared to his current hefty, over sized and proportioned line up if he were still alive today. Somehow, we are certain that he would still agree with his original assessment and envision him yelling at his staff to step up their game. We concur…

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In the following video, Evo’s Henry Catchpole drives the Eagle Low Drag GT at the Goodwood Race Circuit:

If that wasn’t enough, how about a few endorsements:

“The most impressive car I’ve ever driven” – Chris Knapman, The Daily Telegraph
“To behold this car is to behold automotive nirvana” – Chris Evans, Mail on Sunday
“The E-type they’d have made at the time if only they’d known how” – Andrew Frankel – Autocar
Find it here at:

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