Survivor: 1963 Iso Rivolta IR 300 GT

This 1963 Iso Rivolta IR 300 GT is set to hit the block at the May 10th RM auction in Monaco without a reserve price set. There is no description up on RM’s site yet, but all of the leaves and dirt accumulated around it make it appear that it has been left outside for a long period of time and possibly an all original example, which would then qualify it for another Survivor feature here today. The question mark stays up until we can verify more about this car’s history, because this one has us up in arms at the moment. Up through 1969, only 797 of the rare cars were produced, which intrigues our curiosity even further. Let’s see if we can piece this one together…

Designed by Giugiaro and built by Bertone, these eclectic beauties were powered by the option of either a 5 liter or a 5.4 liter Corvette V8.
While De Tomaso went with Ford to power his cars, Iso apparently chose Chevy as the engine of choice for his Italian-American hybrid mix. Brakes were provided by Jaguar, so you can add England into the mixed breed’s pedigree, as well.
Giotti Bizzarrini had designed chassis for Ferrari before coming on board with Iso to create the Rivolta’s De Dion rear axle with coil springs, at a time when his former Italian employer was still using leaf springs and live axles.
This example is interesting with it’s mint green on burgundy color combination, along with it’s mink seat covers that are so very 60’s Rock & Roll, although we are hoping they are fake so no red paint or fake blood gets thrown on them.
We would like to know the story of that white rear valence with “GT” written on it and it’s passenger side pipe, which make for an odd combination with those seat covers. This one is definitely interesting for sure…
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The more we look at it, the more we go back and forth on whether the green paint is original. Obviously the white is not, with over spray all over the front and rear valences, but we wonder about the rest of the car.
It’s definitely a project with rust, but we wonder if it will be more necessary for a sympathetic or full restoration.
If it proves to be all original, we say get rid of the odd passenger side pipe and fake rear tips and put a real rear exiting exhaust on it, clean it up, correct the sagging bumpers, nip the rust in the bud if it’s not too late, remove the Mack truck stickers and you’ve got an intriguing Survivor. If the price is right, we say Done!
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