1951 Allard J2 Competition Restoration

Since we have recently been on the subject of mixed breeds with bodies and chassis’ made in one country and engines from another anyways, we figured when would be a better time to bring up this 1951 Allard J2 Competition than right now. Gassman Automotive in Waynesboro, Virginia took on the restoration of the English/American hybrid, earning it the self proclaimed title as the “Ultimate Allard”, and we can see why. For a brief look at this particular car’s restoration process and of Allard’s successful competition history, come join us on the following page…
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This Allard was produced on August 24th, 1951 and then of course went on to blow it’s original Ardun-Mercury engine within a month, an unfortunately commonplace occurrence with these cars back then.
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Throughout it’s life it was re-commissioned a few different times with a change or update of engines, transmissions and cosmetic alterations before landing at Gassman Automotive.
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Apparently it landed in the right hands, as it ended up on the pages of Classic Motorsport magazine when it was finally completed, which is a true testament to quality of the restoration and worthiness of the marque’s racing history, not to mention just an absolute honor as well, if nothing else.
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We always enjoy looking at pictures of a car when going through the restoration process, with all of the craftsmen rebuilding it back to it’s original glory.
When new, the J2 was available in both a full street trim and a more lightweight race version, and it won 40 first place finishes out of the 313 starts that it raced in between 1949 and 1957. With internationally recognizable racing icon names such as Carroll Shelby, Zora Duntuv and Sydney Allard himself behind the wheel, it’s easy to see why these cars are now considered historically significant members of our racing car heritage.
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Therefore, it is easily understandable how a Condition 1 example, such as this one can fetch upwards of north of $340,000, according to Hagerty’s Valuation Guide, which actually seems like a bargain when compared to what the cars it competed against back then are worth now too.
After looking at the pictures of this one’s restoration and checking out the video, it’s apparent how this ’51 example earned the title as the “Ultimate Allard”. A beautiful restoration on a great car, but that still wouldn’t hold us back from flogging it on the track and if you are here then we are sure that you would tend to have to agree with us too.
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Gassman Automotive
184 N. Bayard Avenue
Waynesboro, VA 22980

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