The Ultimate Alfa Romeo Belgium Castle Find

Could this be the ultimate Alfa Romeo barn find ever? Perhaps, but better scratch that and make it the ultimate Alfa Romeo “castle” find because these were hunted down in November of 2012 by urban explorer Tim Knifton at the Kasteel van Heers in Belgium . We found the story recently pop up on, then a little more research revealed a few more sites that featured it too, along with a video of the find, as well. Follow with us on the next page for a closer look…

Apparently, owners of the castle could no longer afford it’s upkeep so it fell into despair, leaving 6 Alfa’s at the abandoned premises. Including among those were 2 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spiders, a Giulietta 1300 SS Super Sprint and a 1300 Sprint.
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They are now said to have been sealed away since their discovery and world wide share on the internet, which just leaves more unanswered questions as to what their fate will turn out to be in the future and what their history was, too.

Whatever the reason why, we just dig seeing old, dirty, untouched Italian cars. Our imaginations have officially been sparked.
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Tim Knifton’s Website:

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  1. Lets just make things clear, I didn’t hunt down the castle myself. It was a find in the Urban exploration community and I happened to be travelling there one weekend so planned to visit.

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