1969 Pontiac GTO Ram Air IV Judge Convertible Restoration

Is it too soon for yet another American muscle car restoration feature from Wing’s Auto Art? We didn’t think so either. What we got here this time around is this 1969 Pontiac GTO Ram Air IV Judge Convertible which was restored by the shop for repeat customer, John Kryta. This isn’t John’s first dance with Wing’s, as it appears that he already knew that this is the shop to take your vintage American iron to if you are looking for a top shelf restoration that will win trophies. This time he brought in the rarest (omitting color options) of the ’69 GTO’s, the Ram Air IV Judge Convertible…


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Only 5 of them were built and each were fitted with the top option 370 hp (280 kW) Ram Air IV, which featured special header-like high-flow exhaust manifolds, high-flow cylinder heads, a specific high-rise aluminum intake manifold, larger Rochester Quadra Jet four-barrel carburetor, high-lift/long-duration camshaft, plus various internal components capable of withstanding higher engine speeds and power output. A mouthful to say, a run on sentence to read.
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Unlike the big-block Chevy and Hemi engines, the Ram Air IV utilized hydraulic lifters. In 1969 the only Pontiac engine option higher was the Ram Air V, which was a 500 h.p. crate engine produced only for professional racing.  It was not for sale to the general public, although the conversion parts were available.
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John DeLorean was Pontiac’s Chief Engineer at the time who helped create the GTO and it’s name, and Sammy Davis, Jr. can be given credit for the nomenclature “The Judge”. It came about from the comedy routine “Here Come de Judge”,  in which the legendary showman appeared. It was used repeatedly on the “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” TV show.
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This GTO’s restoration pictures show the detail that Wing’s Auto Art puts into perfecting the car beyond the level it had ever been before, even when new.
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Painstaking attention to detail was even given to make sure that the correct amount of over spray was applied to areas that the factory had painted when it was first assembled. Even all of the factory correct hand written line chalk marks were applied, as well.
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All of the hard work paid off, with an impressive list of awards to back it up.
Awards this 69 GTO Convertible Judge has won:
2012 Pittsburgh, PA – World of Wheels 500 cars – First Place in class – Best in show Restored – Outstanding Display and one of 6 Steel City Six Jackets.
2012 Indianapolis, IN – World of Wheels 400 cars – First Place – Best in show Restored – Outstanding Display.
2012 Detroit – Autorama 900 cars – First Place – Best Restored – Outstanding Display
2012 Buffalo, NY – Cavalcade of Customs – First Place – Best Restored – Outstanding Display & best of show award.
2012 Cleveland, OH – Autorama – First Place – Best Restored – Outstanding Display
2012 Summit Racing show car series – 68-72 restored Division champion
2012 Summit Racing show car series Finals – International Division ISCA Restored Champion, Omaha, NE $4500.00 in cash and Gold Eagle Award. 48
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  1. I see that this one has the reverb option like my 1969 GTO, Liberty Blue/ Blue 4 speed does…

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