A Look Back at 2004 Hurricane Charley Damage to Car Collection

The following photos of the damage inflicted by 2004’s Hurricane Charley to a vintage car collection in Florida are definitely not for the feint of heart, although we find them mesmerizing for some twisted reason which we are unable to explain. The collection, consisting mostly of vintage Ferrari’s is said to have been owned by Walter Medlin, a real estate developer and convicted tax evader who was apparently keeping the cars hidden away from the government in the secret shed before mother nature came along and decided to expose their whereabouts. Apparently, the IRS had previously confiscated his Ferrari P3 and his P4 in 1990 due to owing $540,000 in back taxes, although we seem to remember reading somewhere that he bought them back before they actually went to auction. Certainly an interesting collection of cars, not to mention character of a personality.



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6 Comments on A Look Back at 2004 Hurricane Charley Damage to Car Collection

  1. I visited this collection after it moved to its secret location.
    Cars were in same condition but we’re supposed to be restored. I had lots of video of it but not allowed to post publicly

  2. Carl I would love to see the film footage would it be possible to email me?

  3. I’ve seen the collection quite recently. He has a lot more than the estimates I’ve seen, i’d say 50 or more cars, but not all ferraris. He had a caretaker maintaining and restoring these cars during his recent stint in prison. The caretaker does incredible work. I took photos but was warned not to share publicly. I saw some of the same cars that are in these photos and many have been restored but a few were still in bad condition. The baby blue car was there but i dont think was in any better shape than these photos.

    • Sorry but e-mail would give a copy of all my footage and I would not longer be able to prevent it from being shared.
      I will investigate the apps that allow viewership but not downloads but someone could still record their screen so I’m probably just gonna allow people to view it first hand only

  4. Carl. Can we have a chat at some point? What is the best way to do this? Do you have an email address I could send a number to or you could email me your number jb@east63rd.com

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