Reader Submission: 1960 Austin Seven Mk 1 Mini Restoration/Yamaha Engine Swap

This 1960 Austin Seven Mk1 project is brought to us today by reader Joe, who wanted to share with fellow viewers his epic build that includes an engine and transmission swap from a 2003 Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle. The 11,000 rpm, 998 cc motor is said to produce in the range of 164 horsepower and weigh merely a scant 150 pounds. At 200 pounds less than the stock one it replaces and in excess of 30 more horsepower than a fully built 1275cc Series A engine, that’s a win/win formula which you will never find us arguing with. The project started almost 6 years ago and it is currently in it’s final stages of completion, so come take a closer look at it with us on the following page and then be sure not to miss his linked site that details his build in full.

Joe found the car as a bare shell lying in a field and decided to take it on as his very first restoration project, which is hard to believe after looking at all the impressive work that he has performed.
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His goal was to “use it for the occasional drive through the canyons, autocross, and track day”.
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TC Design custom fabricated the roll cage for it, and his decision to use 10X5 Revolutions were a solid choice, as well.
Repaint by Nick Upton at looks gorgeous and oh-so appropriate to the rest of the tasteful build, which consists of all of the necessary brake and suspension modifications to handle it’s new found power.
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The specific parts that he used can be found in detail on his site.

In the video below, the engine is started for the first time:


Below, during it’s first drive:


Some final words from Joe: “The project has been a real learning experience and continues to teach me how little I know about restorations, budgeting, project management, and fabrication. Persistence and ignorance-fueled optimism have been my driving forces.”
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We are extremely impressed with Joe’s build and look forward for it’s nearing completion. It honestly looks like every part was chosen with our same taste in mind, and if you are here with us we are sure you will agree as well. Watch out here for more updates as they come in, or follow it’s build in the link provided below…
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Full build site here at:

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  1. I really like this build. Maybe because i really like the Mini Cooper. Great Job!!!

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