Survivor: 583 Mile1976 BMW 2002

What we have here for today’s Survivor feature is a great little white on dark blue ’76 2002. How this one has remained all original with only 583 miles on it’s clock since new is explained in further detail later but for all of you ’02 fanatics right now, how about we answer the pressing questions quickly before we all get overly excited, shall we? The answers you are looking for are, to begin with, no it is not a tii, which would have been obvious had your giddiness not made you gaze over it’s model year so quickly, but yes it is a stick shift and yes it has a sunroof and finally, yes it is for sale. For what you may ask, as your anticipation builds? How about a cool $74,995 obo, which will make all current big bumper ’02 owners ecstatic if that number is ultimately reached, but perhaps it is a bit optimistic? To answer that we are sure it’s selling dealer will say, ” yeah, well go and try to find another. We dare you.” But before we all go jumping to any value conclusions ourselves too quickly, why don’t you come follow us on the next page for a closer examination at this absolute time capsule…

The back story is that it sat at a dealership unsold since new so when the 320i’s starting rolling in, the store’s owner decided to put this one into storage. There it sat until 2007 when he sold his business and he decided to register it for the very first time.
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All of it’s fluids, belts, hoses and filters were replaced, then he drove it a total of about only 50 miles over the course of a few years until his nephew purchased it from him in 2010. He re registered it and only used it for short jaunts until he came to the realization that it really should go to a museum or to someone who will preserve and show it. How so very diplomatic of him, and we would have to agree since it’s still so fresh that we can’t even find a way of employing the use of our usual “patina” in here anywhere. So, you may ask, how did they arrive at it’s selling price since comps for a specific example like this are so scarce to non existent?
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Certainly not by Hagerty’s Valuation Guide, who places the average value of a ’76 at just under $11k. To be fair, that number shouldn’t even be mentioned here in this comparison given that all of the other 99.99% of examples have up to and beyond 1,000 times this one’s mileage. But they do say that a Condition 1 show vehicle recently hit a high of almost $30,000 back in December…
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Most will agree that small bumper earlier “roundies” are still the most popular choice, while tii’s in that configuration are the top dog, but until this one actually sells and we hear what that final number is, all of this talk is purely speculation.
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Sure, there will be some that say that all that you are paying for here is it’s low mileage and that every consecutive mile put on it will depreciate it if driven, but we are somehow certain that this one will be purchased next by a long term owner who will be wearing white gloves and that most of the miles from here on out will be put on it while it’s on the bed of a trailer, on it’s way from show to show rather than from being driven.
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What this car represents is a perfectly preserved reference point for all future 2002 restorers to look at when questioning the correct way the factory originally made it.
With that said and until we hear what this one ultimately sells for, perhaps all of the previous conjecture is irrelevant. We look forward to finding out…
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  1. It really should be bought by BMW unless they already have one of the same vintage.
    While I’m all about modifying cars, a least one should be preserved for reference.

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