For Sale: Factory Prepared 1991 Porsche 944 S2 Firehawk Series Car

This 1991 Porsche 944 S2 is a factory prepared IMSA Firehawk series race car which is now for sale on eBay. Although there is not much information about it’s current mechanical condition other than stating that it has only 4 hours on an engine rebuild, we wonder how much of it remains original otherwise. It’s pictures lead us to believe that it has seen at least a partial restoration since it’s original race career when it participated in 6 races that year and saw 2nd through 8th place finishes. It is 1 of only 7 factory 944 S2 “Club Sports” that were produced by Porsche strictly for racing in 1991, which earned them the nickname of the “Super Seven”.
We are always suckers for factory modified Porsche lightweight racers, especially when they look just like cars that you could have bought right off of the showroom floor but have roll cages and BBS magnesium centered race wheels while hosting a long list of modifications that separate them from their street driven kin. Thus their “Showroom Stock” racer title. Since they were made strictly for the track, all unnecessary luxuries such as power windows, sunroof and sound deadening were “deleted” courtesy of Porsche, while their shells were seam welded and engines blueprinted in preparation to compete in the heat of battle.
In 1991, 944 S2’s won 10 races in the Firehawk series, earning them the Manufacturer’s Cup regardless of how many alterations race officials mandated upon them to even out the playing field. Even though it’s 3 liter 4 cylinder engine is only about half of the size of the V8’s that were in the cars that they competed against, their light 2,600 pound weight gave them a distinct advantage in turns and braking, not to mention tire, fuel and brake pad consumption.
As factory prepared Porsche 911 race car market prices have already skyrocketed beyond the outer stratosphere, we anticipate the value of factory prepared 944 race cars will follow along in their path, although while maintaining an appropriate distance between the front and rear engine models. We have already seen the value of 944 Turbo Cup series cars almost hit the $80k mark with the 2012 Gooding & Company auction sale of the Drendle family collection car, and currently Sloan Cars has a Turbo Cup car on offer for $95k, which leads us to believe that their naturally aspirated versions should be following somewhere not far behind.
We would be interested in knowing a little more about this one’s history on and off the track in more current years, as it’s listing links a site that mostly speaks about the Firehawk Series cars in general rather than of this particular one’s current mechanical or cosmetic condition, or needs. Or at least a shot of it’s engine, it is a race car, after all. It will be interesting to watch this one’s outcome, being that it is 1 of only 6 of the original “Super Seven” known to still exist.
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