Survivor: Unrestored 1969 Shelby Mustang GT500 with 8,531 Miles

The subject of today’s Survivor is an all original 1969 Shelby Mustang GT500 that is set to hit the auction block April 25th in Pennsylvania. It has only 8,531 miles on it from when it’s first owner, Larry A. Brown bought it new and it is said to have never even been washed since sitting at the dealership. This 428 Cobra Jet 4 speed car had remained in his Pennsylvania garage since sometime before it’s registration expired in January of 1973, until he unfortunately recently passed away. The kicker to this story is that before he decided to store it away over 40 years ago, he never drove it in the rain or even washed it out of fear of water sneaking it’s way into the car’s unmentionables and rusting it. The car psychic in us attributes his tin worm anxiety to probably be the culprit of some early English or Italian car ownership sometime in his past, which would be an appropriate explanation and an understandable cause of his concern. Whatever the reason why, we wouldn’t have had the will power to let it sit untouched for so many years ourselves, so come take a closer look at a true time capsule example of self restraint with this Black Jade garage find and check out how they looked when they left the factory back in 1969…

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By 1969 Shelby’s operation had moved from his original California headquarters to the factory in Michigan where the special Mustangs were produced alongside Ford’s more civilian models.
As years progressed since Shelby Mustangs began production in 1965, the cars got larger and heavier as Carroll was becoming further detached and removed from the decision making process and the Ford Motor Company supplied the general public with more luxury related features, as they wished. Contrary to what their original competition pedigree was all about, sales increased as the cars got more comfy while appealing to a wider audience. 
Larry originally purchased the Shelby on May 9th, 1969 for $5,245.79 and kept every last original piece of paperwork with it, including it’s build sheet, bill of sale, window sticker, owner’s manual, warranty card, title and registration.
When he put it away he stored it with it’s trunk and fiberglass hood open, and covered it’s seats in garbage bags while laying down 2 layers of floor mats over the carpets. Since it was tucked away for so long, it also is probably also one of the only remaining Shelbys that has escaped having it’s dashboard signed by the brazen self promoting Texan too, which has got to be a rare occurrence in and of itself. 
In any case, what is that saying about not driving your car and keeping it perfect all for what, the next owner? Normally we say to just get out there and enjoy your cars as much as possible, but we have to leave it to guys like Larry who take such pride in their vehicles over the years that original examples like this can still exist today and remain in the condition this one has over 40 years later.
After the car was extracted from the garage and carefully cleaned up, a new battery and some fresh gas was all that was necessary to get it started right up. Now, we will have to wait in anticipation while we can only speculate what it will pull at auction. Any guesses? Maybe this will help…
Hagerty’s Valuation Guide reports a recent high sale at $119,000 for a Condition 1 car, although we are assuming that that figure represents a show quality restoration example rather than extremely low mileage unrestored original, which should be worth quite a bit more. After all, cars are only original once. We look forward to finding out.
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  1. The top photo is so ironic in that the power washer sits right next to the car that had never been washed.

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