Volkswagen Golf Build for U.K. Time Attack Series

This Volkswagen MKVI Golf is the subject of a race car build thread on by forum member “[email protected]”. The car started as a wrecked plain Jane base model Golf, but was given the full work over for Time Attack racing by Milltek Sport in the U.K., which included a warmed over 415 hp Golf R 4 cylinder turbo engine. There is no mention whether it received the R’s 4 Motion drive system too, so we are left to assume that it retains the base model’s front wheel drive platform, perhaps for weight savings or race class regulations. We have always been big fans of modified VW’s when they are tastefully and properly built like this car, which shouldn’t be confused with a drift car, not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. Otherwise, the name of the series that this VW is racing in wouldn’t be called “Time Attack”, since going sideways isn’t exactly the quickest way around a track…

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Because the race series is very competitive, they didn’t release too much of the build’s pertinent information in writing, although the pictures show plenty of the car’s goodies. That includes air jacks, a VW Racing wide body kit, Moton remote reservoir coilovers with camber plates and all of the other good stuff that makes up a competitive vehicle.
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As we learned from our previous feature of a similar looking wide body Golf R build by APR in Alabama (,  Audi TTRS front hubs and adjustable lower arms were used to widen the front track, while Scirocco R alloy hubs were used in the rear.
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All windows except the windshield are lexan to help reduce weight, which we are interested in finding out what that turned out to be. Time lapse video of the build can be found below:

Although we are not intending to high jack the original thread, we did end up including pretty much all of the thread’s pictures here for our viewers since we couldn’t bring ourselves to leave any out.27 34

We still suggest checking out the site for more updates and the engine’s specific build specs since the thread is currently in progress and has since been completed to hit the race tracks, as seen in the first part of the video below:

Find the full thread and follow it’s progress here at:

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