1973 Brumos Porsche 911 S Current Restoration/Build Thread

There’s a really interesting 1973 Porsche 911 S home garage build thread currently unfolding on PellicanParts.com, which can be found linked on the following page. For those of you who want to be caught up to date with the Cliff Notes version first, all you got to do is continue reading here for the highlights before jumping in. The project starts with a long hood which was originally built by Florida based championship race winning Brumos Porsche as their own iteration of a factory lightweight RS or Clubsport package car. It includes an actual genuine “retired” IROC 3.0 RSR engine that was first installed back in ’74, the crown jewel of this project. Since it is being rebuilt as a street car still, forum member/car owner “chriskimmelshue” is keeping it’s electric sunroof and windows, heat and carpet and is building it exactly to his spec, regardless of others are suggesting he does with the rare race engine or original Brumos history, and here’s how it is going down…
First things first, the car gets stripped down and media blasted only to reveal the disaster of a weld job of it’s 9″ and 11″ flares that it previously received at some point.
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Original NOS SC rear quarters were sourced to replace the mess with and 930 flares were found to graft onto them, while wide 930 front fenders were rounded up for the project, too.
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Since this S started as a ’73 long hood and intends to stay that way, the front turn signal boxes were cut out of the original fenders and grafted onto the newer 930 units while provisions were made to accommodate the longer hood, as well.
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A later ’74 RSR front bumper was chosen to match up with the front flares better than the heavier ’73 RS bumper that was on it before and reinforcements were made to the chassis with seam welding and adding gussets to the torsion tube to handle the extra stress which wider wheels will give.
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Future plans hint towards making the flares look more period correct and upgrades to the suspension, brakes and motor while incorporating “influences from the short wheelbase 911s all the way up to the 993 series with some modern day influences thrown in for good measure.”
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We look forward to finding out what those choices will be, and watching the controversy that it provides while veering from something that is exactly 100% factory correct. Free thinkers, rejoice!
Find the current build in progress here at:

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