1972 Abarth Osella SE/21 Restoration

This 1972 Abarth Osella was the subject of a restoration by Robin Automotive in Sonoma, California back in 2000 and has since popped up for sale at Symbolic Motors in La Jolla. The first of only six confirmed to have been fully completed, it was originally used as Enzo Osella’s testing and development car and was also a “loaner” car, given to teams when their cars were out of service. We love the look of these mini Ferrari Can Am-esque racers, and this one’s 2 liter 4 cylinder engine was rebuilt and dyno tested at 244 horsepower at 7,900 rpm with 173 ft/lb or torque at 6,000 rpm when it was restored. Those aren’t exactly figures that you would want to be putting around town with but work as an absolute screamer on the track. Now this is what we’re talking about! Follow this one’s restoration and interesting history with us on the next page…
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Back in 1975, Japanese collector Makoto Sekiguchi ran across this old retired racer collecting dust in Enzo Osella’s garage. It obviously hadn’t been used in some time, so a deal was struck and it was sent to his museum in Japan. There it sat on display until 1998 when they decided that it was finally about time to get it back up and running.
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Makato sent the Osella to Tony Nicholson at Robin Automotive in Sonoma, California to be fully restored back to the track worthy weapon condition that it ultimately deserved.
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The car had been obviously raced hard and put away wet, gathering rust and oxidation, seized parts and track damage that it had accumulated while racing and then sitting stored away since.
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Although no history has been able to be located about who or where the car competed, it was obviously raced in the heat of battle, with battle scars to prove it.
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Once the rejuvenation process of it’s chassis began with media blasting, it’s warped fiberglass panels were then repaired and bonded to the frame and suspension, brakes and engine were rebuilt, as well.
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It’s interesting to note this one’s snorkel air intake, which is said to have been the only Abarth Osella to have received it.
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By January of 2000 it was ready to hit the track once again in all of it’s original glory. We would love to hear this one wound out at full chat!
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Find it HERE and HERE.
Robin Automotive, Inc.
Tony Nicholson, Owner
Infineon (formely Sears Point) Raceway
29181 Arnold Drive, Unit E-7
Sonoma, California 95476
email: Robinauto@mindspring.com

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