1995 Renault Espace F1 MiniVan with 800 hp Formula One Engine

6/21/15: What is our most popular story of the day, you ask? From April 2, 2014 we bring you this Renault Espace F1 MiniVan again, at almost 10x the amount of views as the second place finisher! Re-enjoy:

Since we are on the subject of street-looking cars that have F1 engines and chassis anyways, how about this Renault Espace van with a mid placement 800 hp Renault V10 engine from a ’93 Renault Formula 1 car? This 4 seater Espace F1 was shown in public for the first time at the 1995 Paris Motor Show, and although it’s body still slightly resembles the pedestrian minivan available to the general public, this one has absolutely nothing else in common. With it’s F1-style carbon fiber chassis, carbon ceramic brakes, rear wheel drive and 6 speed semi automatic gearbox, it is able to accelerate from 0-62 in 2.8 seconds and 0-124 in just 6.9 all while handling and braking like something oddly close to a Gran Prix car. Certainly one of the most epic sleeper creations of all time, check out pictures and video on the following page…

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