Survivor: 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Lightweight

This 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Lightweight was the subject of a sympathetic restoration by the Porsche marque experts at Autofarm in the U.K. What came to be known as the “Beirut RS”, we cannot fathom a truer poster child automobile that defines the term “survivor” better than this. During the war in Lebanon in the mid 80’s, a mortar shell hit the building that this rare car was being stored in and part of the structure fell on top of the car. The car was entombed until it was more recently resurrected by property developers who contacted the original owner’s family asking what they wanted to do with it…
During the war, the car had been put away but it’s owner but he never returned from his volunteer work driving an ambulance. The family had since moved out of the country, but the car remained until one day the building was being rebuilt and it’s developers wanted to know what they should do with the unearthed car. So, after some ridiculously insulting low ball offers, a friend of the family was contacted and he informed them of what the car was really worth. He ended up purchasing it himself for that amount and proceeds were donated to the Lebanese Red Cross to purchase 2 ambulances.
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This RS Lightweight had been used by it’s original owner in rallies in Lebanon, and was ordered without the usual duck tail rear spoiler.
With only 47,000 miles, it was found in fairly good condition considering it’s history and all of it’s thin Glaverbel glass was still intact, a miracle considering the roof was caved in.
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During the sympathetic restoration, that and other dents were pushed back out but it was left largely in the same cosmetic condition as it was found to preserve it as original as possible.
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A clear coat was also applied to save it from further deterioration, and it’s engine and suspension were gone through and rebuilt for preparation of future rallies, as originally intended.
At it’s first show at the Coupe des Alpes in 2008, it won the “Most Historic Car” award, and rightfully so.
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