Lotus Restoration Project-1967 Europa S1

This 1967 Lotus Europa Type 46 S1 is undergoing a home garage restoration that includes an engine swap, all documented on a site that is dedicated to it’s build. We always love finding these types of sites, although this one does not leave any type of indication whether it has been completed yet or any type of date stamping. What we do know is that it’s heart is being/has been transplanted with a trusty Toyota 4A GE 1600 Twin Cam 16V unit, but before anybody scoffs at the notion of the cross breed in effect here, let’s not forget that modern Lotus’ are the same mix. Check out the build (in progress?) with us on the next page before passing judgement, and then draw your own conclusion. Since we enjoy driving more than wrenching, we welcome the reliability factor…
The Lotus was purchased in pieces in 2005 after it’s past owner stripped it’s red respray off to reveal it’s original white exterior.
The body was in poor shape with cracks all over it and the chassis actually riveted to it.
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Cracks were treated with Cyanoacrylite, sprayed with Kicker and then filled in before being sanded smooth.
A new chassis was purchased, as the original was too corroded to reuse (check out the side by side comparison above).
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It’s Smith’s gauges were next to be restored, then suspension, brakes, pedals, and seatbelt parts before suspension.
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The transaxle was cleaned with brushes, Q tips and even dental tools to remove all of the crud and grime that it had accumulated throughout it’s life.
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Seats are one of the last items mentioned to be restored, although to white instead of it’s original black. Draw your own conclusions there, we will hold judgement until we see the final product since the restoration looks like solid and tasteful so far.
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Until we find a way to contact the owner, we will have to assume that the project has either been stalled or finished by now. We’d love to see the finished product and some action video, if that is the case. Until then, find the restoration site HERE.

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  1. not so sure about the white cam covers or seats, but i’ll hold off judgement until i see the rest of the build. looks good otherwise, nice job.

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