Concept Cars From 1970

We tend not to pay too much attention to concept cars because if/when they make it into production we know that the resemblance to their original show car features will be vague, at best. Wheels end up sitting further inside the wheel wells, paint is not nearly as nice and interiors and trim are made out of cheaper materials once they hit production, if they ever actually do. Nevertheless, we took a few minutes out of our normal schedule to put together as many pictures of concept cars from 1970 as we could find in a reasonable amount of time and have shared them on the following page. Scrolling over the pictures will reveal the manufacturer and model type on the bottom left of your screen, if they are not blatantly obvious from first sight. Enjoy…

1) 1970_Ford_Mustang_Milano

2) Ferrari_Modulo_1970 3) Lancia Stratos Zero 4) 1970_Porsche_Tapiro Concept 5) Vauxhall SRV 6) Pininfarina Fiat Abarth 2000 Scorpio 7) Mazda RX 500 8) Porsche Tapiro 9) Dodge Diamonte 10) Porsche 911S 915 11) Mercedes Benz C111 12) Lincoln Mark III Dual Cowl Phaeton 13) Volvo GTZ 3000 by Zagato 14) Ford Tridon 15) Dodge Challenger Frua 16) Nissan 270X




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