1986 MG Metro 6R4 Restoration by Mäkelä Auto Tuning in Finland

What car nerd among us doesn’t thoroughly enjoy seeing a race car being built from the ground up, especially when it is from the golden era of Group B competition such as this 1986 MG Metro 6R4 (AD570091)? Mäkelä Auto Tuning in Finland is the shop that handled the honors, who you just might remember from our previous feature of their Ferrari 308 to Michelotto Group B specification build (found in “Related posts” on the next page) from back in September. The shop completes some absolutely astounding, jaw dropping to ground, tongue rolling out, eyes bulging out projects, which we are sure nobody here would argue with after seeing some of their work. So, while we try to compose ourselves, why don’t you watch the build of this obscure little MG unfold on the next page, which we hesitate to label “hot hatch” in fear of some brutal retaliation from it. This evil machine is far too serious for that nomenclature, check it out for yourself…
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The crew at MAT threw this project together over the course of only a few months in order to get it ready to be used for their MAT Ice Racing School, but AD570091 hadn’t been raced in over 15 years before the shop started it’s rebuild.
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During it’s life as a Group B racer, it had competed previously in the Finland 1000 Lakes WRC Rally before two later owners used it in Finnish rally sprint races.
10 13 15Cars like the Renault R5 Turbo and this car are surely what inspired Ford to produce their mid engine’d, rear wheel drive SHOgun, although obviously without the racing pedigree that the aforementioned race cars hard-earned, even though it’s resemblance is uncanny.
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It’s model name was derived from use of a naturally aspirated 400 horsepower V6 and all wheel drive, which is where the “6” (V6 engine)”R”(Rally) and “4”(all wheel drive) came from.
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It’s maddening to think that 200 road examples were built to homologate it for Group B competition before the whole race series was canceled at the end of 1986 because of too many deaths.
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MG came in late to the party, had a few victories with the model but overall it proved to be an unreliable engine which failed to finish far too many races.
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In any case, it’s refreshing to know that the engine was further developed in later years by TWR, who evolved it into a 3.5 liter twin turbo that was used in the Jaguar XJ220 super road car and the factory’s Group C racers, as well. It’s mission here on earth was therefore complete.
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To give an idea of how furiously wicked these cars are, take a look at this in-car video of a different 6R4 below. Enjoy:



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