1956 Porsche Pre A Speedster (#81221) Restored and Reunited With Previous Owner


This 1956 Porsche Pre A Speedster (#81221) underwent a full restoration by it’s owner, Chad Comeau, who chronicled the whole ordeal in a detailed thread seen at Porsche356Registry.com, linked below. He had known about the car sitting in storage unused for years and had contacted the owner several times, but he was always told that it was not for sale. About 10 years later a fellow club member contacted Chad and told him that the Speedster might finally be on the market, so he jumped at the opportunity and finally bought it, beginning it’s transformation back to life after a long hibernation.

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This Porsche had been exercised regularly in it’s previous life at PCA club events, Watkins Glen track adventures, auto crosses, road rallies, driver’s education events and was also daily driven before it was finally put away. When Chad bought the car it still had masking tape on the doors that had held the race number signs.


It’s good to see that it had been used the way a Speedster was intended: driven frequently and driven hard.

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The original, matching numbers 1600 Super engine that came with the car didn’t survive a Watkins Glen track event back in the 60’s, so he put it aside for now and installed another 1600 Super from VIN #83264.

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A set of 16 inch wheels with their old Goodyear 4 Ply tires are found for sale locally, so they were purchased for this project. Early production Speedster rims were painted in body color from the factory, but as this is a late car they are re painted in silver.

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The goal to have the car finished in time for the Niagara Region’s 50th anniversary party was accomplished, where Chad reunited the car with it’s second owner. The previous owner was thrilled to see it again and he shared stories of participating in the 1967 PCA parade with it. Sing along, “Reunited and feeels soo good”… Corny, but ohh so obvious that we had to include it.

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The car looks amazing in it’s finished restored state, although that original patina looked so cool that we would like to have possibly seen an alternative where the body remained untouched, paired with the detailed mechanical restoration for a rat rod/patina look. After all, a period look only happens once. Thoughts? Feel free to express your opinions in the “Comment” section below.

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Regardless of personal opinion, this car is gorgeous. Congratulations on a beautiful restoration and interesting story for us to include here.


We have attached The Speedster’s ownership history below, and it’s Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche revealed the following information.
1956 Pre A Speedster
Speedster Blue, Red Interior, Tan Top, 1600 Super, Sealed Beam Headlights, Tachometer in Miles, Production Completion Date 1/4/56

Just as it sits now.

Find it’s full thread HERE:

Ownership History:
1st Owner RIT Librarian 56-60 (Tom Straiter? Need info)

2nd Owner: 60-71
Installed Roll Bar
Installed Spyder Brakes
PCA Parade Participant 1967 & 1968
Autocross events
Watkins Glen Driving Events

3rd Owner: 71-2007
Autocross events
Watkins Glen Driving Events

4th Owner: 2007-Present
550A Spyder Brakes were installed in the mid 60’s
Media Blasted now off for metal work
New Floor pans…
Metal Work completed by the skilled hand of Dr. Raes
Speedster Blue Speedster

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