1964 Holdman-Moody Ford Galaxie Race Car Restoration

We always love a good resurrection story, especially when it involves a rare race car that’s being brought back from the dead, which is exactly what we have here. This 1964 Holman-Moody Ford Grand National Galaxie was found rotting away in a cow pasture in Wirtz, Virginia for over 40 years before Dr. John Craft of Texas came along to it’s rescue. It was still wearing it’s C4HM-10041 chassis plate, it’s original frame and even some of it’s original suspension pieces but since it’s 427 High Riser engine was not still with the car, another is being completely built up to replicate the original as closely as possible.

Back when it was first made, C4HM-10041 was built up as “…an extra chassis that H-M prepared for ‘celebrity’ drivers and special needs”, such as if a team needed to quickly replace a wrecked car for a race.
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Since it’s body was too far gone to be restored, another Galaxie was purchased from Arizona as a donor which proved to be a challenge of it’s own, but was still in better shape than the old race car.
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The Galaxie had certainly seen better days, having had an eventful, although not entirely successful racing career in NASCAR, USAC, SCCA and even overseas with FIA.
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The rear of the frame was originally narrowed by H-M probably as a bit of a cheater move for tire clearance and to straighten out the travel of the leaf springs, so he had to move the inner wheelhouses inboard one inch per side to put it back to how they had built it.
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H-M Galaxies used fabricated outer wheelhouses, seen being recreated above.
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A trap door, seen in the picture above, was used so that the team could inspect the right front tire.
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Enough of the original firewall was still intact to enable creating a replica of the Holman & Moody cowl induction system.
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The Galaxie racer’s original aluminum heater block off plate was able to be reused.
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Exact replicas of the original springs were custom made in 1,400 lb front and 500 lb rear, using originals off of a ’63 Holman-Moody as a template.
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When found in 2010, proof of the ’64 H-M Galaxie’s colorful past could be seen, literally, with evidence of the 3 different paint schemes that it wore throughout it’s different campaigns while being raced through the years, including candy tangerine, black and gold, and the white and blue that it wore when found.
Dr. Craft is returning it to the George Barris-esque candy tangerine color that it originally wore when he actually first saw it racing in person when he was only 9 years old.
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When finished he plans to put it back onto the track and to show it too, which we look forward to seeing. Be sure to check out it’s full current, detailed build-in-progress thread from www.network54.com and others provided in the links below.
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Find the full engine build HERE.

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